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How To Clean PS5 Controller Explained

06 Nov 2023, 15:51 GMT+10

Here's how to make your Dual Sense back to like-new. You are not alone. Here's how to clean your PS5 controller and make it like new. Because no one wants to be known as the cheat-finger guy, and while the PS5 has been afflicted with all sorts of problems and bugs, the PS5's Dual Sense controller is truly a next-generation product.

Aside from a few drift issues, the tactile feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller have been well received by reviewers and gamers, most recently with the release of Returnable. The Dual Sense is white, which makes it more visible when dust or debris falls on top of it, and the Dual Sense is also white, which makes it more visible when dust or debris falls on it. The Dual Sense is white and can show dirt more easily when dust or debris falls on top.

Why Do PS5 Controllers Get Dirty?

The main reason PS5 controllers get dirty is because Sony introduced the PS5 Dual Sense controller in white. Dust, debris, and other particles can easily attract attention to the white surface. The second reason is that the texture is rough and quickly leaves smudges. The problem with white devices is that dark spots are very noticeable, and dirt can easily show up. The textured back also attracts more dirt and grime; playing with the PS5 is a very precious experience, and the enjoyment and anxiety it brings can make you sweat through your body. Sweaty fingers leave behind moisture and dirt, so you need to know how to clean your PS5 controller.

What Are The Symptoms of a Dirty PS5?

If the unit and controller are not regularly held, the device is more likely to show the typical symptoms of dust buildup that signal it is time to clean. Be sure to clean the unit if any of the following problems occur

  • The fan noise is louder than average.
  • Graphics problems, such as artifacts, occur.
  • The unit turns off due to overheating.
  • The controller begins to drift.

Dust is one of the leading causes of heat buildup, and a good cleaning should be the first thing you do if you want to prevent your PS5 from overheating.

What Outcomes Do I Have To Clean My PS5?

Cleaning the PS5 console and controller is easy and does not require expensive equipment. The best products for cleaning the system are

  • A terry cloth or microfiber cloth.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Q-tips.
  • Low-powered vacuum cleaner.
  • Compressed air.

When cleaning the PS5, it is essential to use only the recommended products. Replacing any of the above products with other products already on hand may harm rather than do well to the unit. Liquids such as soapy water can penetrate the console and damage electrical components. Isopropyl alcohol is safer to use with the PS5 because it tends to evaporate. It dissipates rapidly, reducing the risk of damage to electrical components. Likewise, it is essential not to use a low-powered vacuum cleaner in place of a household vacuum cleaner to suck dust and debris away from the PS5 console or controller. Household vacuum cleaners are too powerful and can generate large amounts of static electricity, which can cause severe damage to the console.

How to Clean a PS5 Controller?

Aside from color, the texture of the PS5 controller is a concern when it comes to keeping the gadget clean. If you look carefully at the back of the Dual Sense, you will notice a textured pattern of PS5 buttons on the front. Because it is not smooth to the touch, dirt, and dust can easily adhere to the back of the controller. But you will need rubbing alcohol and a few microfiber towels. Apply the alcohol to the towels and begin wiping the outside of the controller clean, focusing on the grip, thumb stick, buttons, side notches, and ports.

Step 1. Clean the Grip

Use rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone microfiber cloth. If there is dirt on the surface, tickle in small circular movements to release the ground and prevent it from spreading further. If the stained area remains, use cellophane tape to remove the stain from the surface.

Step 2. Clean the Thumb stick and Button with a Cotton Swab

Use a cotton swab to clean around and under the thumb stick. The cotton swab will help collect any dirt stuck in these tight crevices. Be careful not to press too hard when operating the buttons

Step 3. Remove Black Marks and Discoloration with Goo Gone

Black marks, which are abrasions caused when the controller is dropped or bumped into something, can be easily removed with Goo Gone. This adhesive remover will erase all black marks and help keep your Dual Sense controller looking like new.

Step 4. Clean the Crevices Using a knife or Needle

A wrenching tie may also be utilized. This is safer because you will not unintentionally scratch or damage the controller. If you need something more durable, use a credit card or fold the twist tie once.

Step 5. Clean the Port using the Q-Tip

Because the port is in a hard-to-reach area, you will need a cotton swab. Dip the swab into the solution and then wipe off any dirt.

How to Remove Black Marks on PS5

Aside from general dirt, another problem reported by PS5 owners concerns significant black marks on the Dual Sense controller. These are more likely to be abrasions caused by dropping the controller or bumping it against something. Again, this is more pronounced when considering the color of the controller.

Can I use Alcohol Wipes to Clean my PS5 Controller?

Yes, alcohol wipes are one of the other cleaning agents that can be utilized to clean the PS5 controller. Alcohol is a disinfectant, and the wipes are superior to soapy water because there is no risk of moisture or soap residue falling on the controller. Use these to clean the controller, wiping downward to remove oil and dirt. Additional cleaning tools include air cans, paper towels, and toothpicks. Use the can/compressed air to remove dirt and grime before wiping the controller, as fragile cracks and crevices are not effortlessly achieved.

What is the Lifespan of a PS5 Controller?

The average lifespan of a PS5 controller is approximately 417 hours of play. According to a disassembly and durability study by fixit, the next-generation PlayStation controller is expected to experience analog stick drift at just over 400 hours. According to the analysis, the sticks used in the Dual Sense will be unusable after approximately 2,000,000 cycles, and the center push has a life expectancy of about 500,000 cycles.


The answer of the Question How to clean ps5 controller is here. The PS5 controller requires alcohol wipes and a can/have compressed air as the primary tools for removing dust and debris. With sufficient equipment, they can be removed one at a time, cleaned, and put back together without damaging the controller. Be sure to contact Sony customer support for more information on replacing a failed PS5 controller.

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