Sun, 11 Jun 2023

If you need a huge computing power but can't set it because of some issues, cloud computing services can help you by offering as much power as you need. But the computing power is not the only thing you want.

It should come with strong security and privacy terms to protect your data. So, picking a good one is always important.

In that case, Amazon Web Services is a good pick.

What is Amazon Web Service (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is Amazon's own cloud computing platform that serves clients from 190 countries worldwide with different web computing services and products. Besides a strong computing platform, it offers data security, maximum privacy, almost zero shut-off time, and so on.

It offers the service to different types of clients, including businesses, services, and sole users.

Here I will talk about 7 AWS applications you don't want to miss.

7 AWS Applications You Must Try!

Storage and Backup

You can use this service to store your important data without any hesitation. AWS offers huge storage at a comparatively cheaper rate. Also, the platform is protected and taken care of 24/7 by experts. So, you can put your business and personal data here as a backup.

With strong computing power and cheaper storage, it is a great platform you can utilise for storage and backup.


Gaming requires huge computing power, especially recently released games with high graphics. You can use AWS for gaming too. Just get a package according to your expected computing power and start playing. It is this easy.

Big Data and Analytics

Besides storage to store your big data, AWS offers several tools using which you can transform, analyze, load, extract, query, and visualize data. Thus, it has become a great platform for big data and analysis.

You don't want to lose the opportunity to use such a giant platform to handle your big data.

Website Hosting

AWS is also well-known for its hosting service. You can host your website here. It protects your and your visitors' data and ensures almost zero downtime.

Artificial Intelligence

AWS services offer several AI services like artificial chatbots, text-to-speech converter, image recognition, and more. Using these AI bots and services, you can improve different processes of your business or accelerate your tasks to reach goals quickly.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

To offer a 3D experience, AR and VR can be really useful. AWS offers multiple AR and VR tools that you can utilize to design and arrange 3D experiences for your clients. Besides business, you can use them for training, virtual classes, marketing, gaming, and many other use cases.

Game Development

If you have an idea about a new game, try AWS tools to develop it. Also, you can host the game data using the data tools AWS offers. Utilizing analyzing tools, you can keep track of gamers' performances and show them on screen.

Many big game developers are already utilizing AWS tools in their games. You shouldn't miss this too.

Where to Buy AWS Accounts?

AWS accounts can be bought directly from its website. However, you can get them from third-party sellers too.

You can buy AWS accounts from DconCloud with everything you need. Let them know your requirements and make the payment. They will send you the account as soon as it is ready.

The best thing about their service is that it is way faster than most third-party sellers. Also, you'll receive a new and fully functioning account from them. If there is any problem, you'll get a 100% free replacement.

Also, you can use them from anywhere in the world.

Reasons You Should Try AWS

  • AWS environment is user-friendly. So, anyone in your company can learn to use it easily. You don't have to spend a huge amount of money, time, and effort in training.
  • Using AWS saves your expense of it too. You can customize your package according to your need. So, you don't have to pick unnecessary features spending a huge amount.
  • Running data servers doesn't require extra money.
  • Managing AWS services is easy.
  • AWS servers are secured with high protection. So, your data is safe from outside threats. Also, they maintain privacy very well.
  • Migrating your data and infrastructure to AWS is less costly than other cloud services.

Issues You May Face in Using AWS

Despite offering a cost-saving and secured cloud environment, AWS has some issues too.

  • To get an immediate response from customer service, you need to shift to priority package spending some bucks.
  • You'll find some default limitations of using storage, images, or volumes.

Final Thoughts

You can buy AWS account if you're looking for a good cloud computing service. Dconcloud is a good platform offering you a handful of features and advantages at a reasonable price. So, you shouldn't miss the opportunity.

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