Thu, 07 Dec 2023

In order to reach a wide audience ; brands needs to follow a subset of action through which they can reach and pitch their audience to let them understand why they are best of all, and for this reason they need to construct a strong stage of brand profile and goodwill on top of which they can stand and rule the market. This could be done by numerous techniques but digital audio advertising is the most efficient one of them. Let us dig into what it is and why it is a cost effective way to reach the target audience.

After examining the stats and surveyed data, it can be stated that people are highly engaged in audio media platforms and actively indulged in listening to podcasts, news or their curated playlists while studying, chilling or even as lullaby , recorded an average internet user spends 1 hour 38 minutes in music streaming platforms. And as a result of which audience traffic has increased in audio media platforms. According to another survey conducted the approximate number of global active monthly users in Spotify is reaching near 433 million and PayTunes being India's huge programmatic audio ad platform has single handedly provided a massive reach of 250 Million through their captivating audio ad strategy and the numbers are still on count. (1). Advertisers are utilizing the taste of audiences and redirecting it towards their benefit by placing digital audio ads in these platforms.

What are digital audio ads?

Digital Audio Advertising are audio ads that run in various digital audio media platforms like music Apps, Podcasts, short audio story format like Pocket FM, In-Game Audio advertising on Gaming apps like Candy Crush and so on .As lifestyles are changing people are spending more and more time on mobile phones, laptops and digital media platforms, it has become easy to grab their attention. That's when digital audio ads come on the ground. These ads are audio based which deliver the information in the form of quick short breaks between what you are listening. It could be on songs streaming platforms or gaming sites , even on YouTube it has gained more importance. Initially the range of advertisers were limited but now advertisers can target a wide range of listeners at a single audio ad aggregator platform. Digital audio platforms are more engaging and hold a connection with emotional intensity. As these audio platforms are working in the background the ads running in it are reaching audiences with higher intensity than that of visual ads. There is an added advantage of inherent complete delivery as well.There are numerous advantages of choosing audio ads over visual ads, some of them are listed below:-

  1. Audio ads are a source of engagement as it gets played in the background and does not irritate the user.
  2. Number of Ads in an Ad break are limited to 1 or 2 thus avoiding clutter and Ad Avoidance
  3. They are of short duration and are not bound up around a long boring story. So this prevents the sense of disturbance.
  4. Audio nurtures the ability of the brain to process the information more swiftly and deposits it in the thinking center of the brain.
  5. And Audio sits in the deep subconscious. That's why you sometimes find yourself humming Ad tunes also

Digital audio ads are based on demographic analysis and a particular ad is paired with a particular individual after all the necessary pointers of the listener i.e. region, likes, hearing habit, interest, age and the rest is looked over.

Digital audio ads are way more cost efficient than any other advertisement

The greatest superiority of digital audio ads lies in its cost efficiency. They are generally not too capital consuming and cost lower than the normal visual advertising. When you think of delivering complete ads to your Target Audience, Audio Advertising mediums are way ahead as the CPM's are not as high as Video Mediums but completion rates are in some cases 90 times better thus giving a cost efficiency of 9000% also. Optimization of digital audio ads is quite easy. In case of visual ads there is an overlap of ads as no tracking is there and an individual receives the same ad in different platforms repeatedly. This gives birth to the feeling of intrusiveness. Digital Audio Ads this will reduce the situation of overlapping and provide better reach.

If we are talking about audio ads, PayTunes has been the pioneer of audio advertisements in India and is currently at the top providing the highest reach to advertisers through budget friendly audio ads and high frequency campaigns. It allows the advertisers to track the campaigns and see how the individuals are reacting to their brand message.

Reaching out to audiences has been made easy by the introduction of the concept of audio ads, being the cost effective among all options it has gained popularity and is gearing up in the field of advertisement. But it is the need of the hour to choose a trustworthy platform providing extensive reach through highly engaging campaigns and PayTunes have the ability to give you that reach.

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