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Fake slot machines: how not to get caught by cheaters?

14 Mar 2023, 05:24 GMT+10

Licensed slots mean fair play, a guarantee of the payment of winnings, and the pleasure of the process. Original emulators operate on the principle of a random force generator; the administration of the online casino does not affect the results of the rotation.

Licensed gaming platforms use, unfortunately, certified not only slots of proven developer companies but also scripted slots cheaters. Therefore, any betting apps for Android and iOS should be treated with caution and with due attention.

Fake and real machines

Check the originality of the simulator does not require special skills. You only need to know what settings to check. For example, cheaters often use someone else's gambling license or certificate of compliance. Place someone else's license number on the site and start working as a certified resource. Check the license's authenticity in a particular area; it is also possible to determine which organization owns the license or certificate.

After checking the gaming resource, can trust the honesty of online casinos and easy-to-play simulators. But you can check the originality of the emulator to be 100% sure of the platform's reliability. Some licensed online casinos use fake software because of the reasonable price and the possibility of self-adjustment of the game. Licensed game software is quite expensive (also requires additional collateral), and the platform wants to delight its players with gambling industry innovations regularly. Unfortunately, not all virtual clubs can afford frequent purchases of new slots, and fake simulators are affordable.

Why is checking the license of the machine so important?

Many players, especially newcomers, only check if a gaming platform has a license. Of course, licensed online casinos rarely use fake slots, but still, it happens. If a gamer is going to play for money to win and earn, not just to have fun, then it is necessary to check for authenticity.

A licensed platform guarantee of payments and the safety of personal data. A licensed slot is a fair game with a chance to win. It is one thing when the game depends on the luck of the gamer and another thing when the result depends on the casino, which can interfere with the game at any time. Gamers know that the outcome of the slot game relies on a random number generator, and no one can influence it. But the course of the game in scripted slots can permanently be changed in favor of the casino. For example, to remove bonus rounds, reduce the percentage of RTP, etc.

What is the difference between licensed and scripted slot machines?

The main difference between licensed slots is the impossibility of interference from the casino. The original slots run on a different server than the casino. The gambling club rents and integrates the simulator's software into its resource. Administration can not affect the built-in random number generator, tweak the percentage of payoff in their favor, i.e., reduce it. Casino intermediary between the player and the slot, without affecting the game and the result of spinning.

If a gamer loses the deposit completely, he has no right to claim that the simulator is scripted and tweaked in favor of the casino. Perhaps he was just unlucky. The licensed slots also lose a lot of money. Gambling is a risk, you can not be sure of winning. Gamblers consciously take this risk and lose all their investments, succumbing to a burst of excitement. Before the accusation of fraud, you should ensure the gaming machines are fake.

Licensed gaming software developers follow strict regulations in the production of slots-the main requirement - is fair play. A special commission checks slots on the principle of gambling. Checked random number generator and reliability of protection against hacking. After successfully passing the inspection, the slot gets a license.

Cheaters write scripted game software, and the casino can interfere in the course of the game at its discretion. Scammers use a popular slot, copying the simulator's design, music, and features. Even experienced players can not distinguish the fake from the real slot if it is made qualitatively. The gambling club installs fake software and adjusts the payoff percentage in their favor. Online casinos can adapt not only the rate of payoff but the frequency of bonus rounds, the outcome of the risk rounds, and the size of the bankroll of the slot.

Fake slots bankroll formed only by losing players on this resource. The progressive jackpot (if there is one) will be insignificant. At the same time, the bankroll of the licensed slot is formed from bets of players around the world using this slot, regardless of the institution.

Checking slot license

One hundred percent guarantee of the authenticity of the game simulator - check the control server. It can be tracked through the flash player settings. You can see some slots in inaccessible mode; some locations are only available in the game for money. Licensed developers of software for virtual casinos have one or more control servers. The existing genuine servers are on the thematic portals and unique sites. For example, slot machines from the proven developer Microgaming use control servers and

When you start the slot in the browser (convenient for the gamer), right-click on the splash screen of the simulator. An icon will appear on the screen with the parameters of Adobe Flash Player; the gambler will find the name of the control server.

The icon does not appear sometimes, but this does not mean the slot is fraudulent. Stay away from online casinos, especially if you are confident in the safety of the portal. There are other ways to check a licensed slot machine.

  • When you press the right button on the screen, a text menu appears. In it, select "in this frame" then "information about the frame. After that, on the screen, the window with the data about the simulator, its name, and the address of the control server will pop up.
  • When you right-click, the third option comes out without Adobe Flash Player and settings. In this variant, on the icon that appears, you should click on "view code" (it is available for any browser). The option is more complicated than the previous ones; you will need more knowledge and steps. After choosing "View Code" and knowing the manufacturer of the simulator, press Ctrl+F, and in the window that appears, look for a line with the address of the control server. Or select the line "Elements" and look for the line of the server address.

This way of checking may seem complicated at first. However, experienced gamers can do this in a couple of minutes. Having done the algorithm several times, it no longer seems so difficult. It is better to spend some time and ensure the slot machine's originality, and only then start the money game.

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