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A website design plays a crucial role to make your business successful.

Websites help to grow every size of business; whether small or large. But building a website without its effective web design can cause a downfall in your business career. Yes, that's a fact! Users rate the credibility of a business through its website's design. The more it is appealing and functional, the more it will turn the users into your potential customers.

Study reveals that users take the first 0.5 seconds to decide what they should do; whether leave a website or continue using it. And if your website has an eye-catching and engaging design, then you are more likely to engage the users quickly. Looking to create a web design?

The Internet is flooded with website designers to deliver you web designs but ESP Inspire, as a web design agency, helps you to deliver web designs that not only attract customers but also increase your business's credibility.

Alright, here is all you need to know about how web design can help you to increase your brand's worth.

What is web design?

Web design means creating the designs of websites with the best planning, strategies, and tactics to engage users online. This include different effective factors like content, layouts, fonts, copy, and others in website, which increase the user experience (UX).

A better user experience is one of the major considerations to keep in mind while building your website because it is a key to your business's success. The more your website has a user-friendly and captivating design, the more it will help to improve the user experience, which further leads to more sales.

So, we have a team of expert website designers who are well-versed in creating your website designs that are search engine optimized and help to increase user experience. We don't use off-the-shelf solutions, rather than we go with unique planning after scrutinizing your business goals and then provide you with the best website designs.

What are the 7 necessary elements of splendid web design?

Here are 7 important elements that make your website design best of the all.

  • Simple navigation

User-friendly navigation helps to increase the number of your customers.

If you are selling the best products or services in the market but your website has poorly structured navigation, then you are more likely to lose the competition. Users come to the websites to find out information quickly and conveniently, so, it is important to keep in mind that your website must have well-structured navigation.

Your website's navigation should be simple and clear, directing the users to find the information easily for example, based on topic or category.

  • Responsive design

Integrating the responsive design makes your brand flawless.

The number of mobile users is increasing rapidly in this technological period. Almost everyone has a mobile device, so, it is important to create your design compatible with mobile devices. Most customers use their mobile devices while purchasing online.

Your website should provide a seamless experience on every device; Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Devices, and Tablets. Responsive design offers the same experience on every kind of device. That means your website will fit with the screen size and function in the same way on every screen.

  • Necessary visual elements

Displaying the necessary visual elements is all about providing important information quickly.

As we have mentioned that users want to find information quickly, and that's why your website should have all the necessary visual elements. It should be free from a heap of images and videos so that users can read your website's content easily.

No doubt, videos help to attract customers 10 times more than the text and images portray your brand's worth. But your web page should not be crowded with unnecessary videos and images to make a reason for leaving the site.

Also, if you have a lot of images or videos, your web page will take more time to load the data and that can cause of abandoning your site. So, make sure you have displayed all the visual elements wisely. The more your website is crowded-free from unnecessary elements, the more it will boost the user experience.

  • Highlight Call to Action (CTA)

Making your CTA button visible is all about getting more prospects.

After attracting the customers, now it's time to direct them to perform the action such as 'Get started' or 'Buy Now'. And in this regard, create a CTA button. It should be visible so that users can step forward. Don't make it difficult for the users to find this button because this can leave them exhausted, which will switch them to another website.

Your CTA button should have bright color so that users can view it without making any struggle. The more your CTA button is visible, the more it will attract the customers to perform an action.

  • Well performance: Page Speed & SEO

Your website's page speed increases the speed of your brand's online awareness.

A website with engaging content and eye-catching graphics is useless if it has poor page speed. So, page speed matters in making your website robust. If your website has slow page speed, your audience will leave your site at the same time without waiting to access the data.

Customers' engagement can also be done if your website appears in their search results. Yes, users select the websites that are at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). And this is only possible if your website is search engine optimized, which will help to hello an increased ROI.

ESP Inspire offers the best web design services if you don't want to switch your audience to competitors' sites. We make your website's page speed stronger to outrank your competitors.

  • Engaging copy

Writing an engaging copy helps to turn the customers into your potential customers.

People land on your website to get the information. So, along with the information you should write valuable and engaging copy. It should be clear to the point and simple to catch the user's attention. Your writing style will not only attract users but also show your brand's distinction.

An engaging copy will help the users to know about your business. Your website's content comes in the list of the most important factors to make your website unbeaten. The more it is engaging, the more it will attract the audience.

  • Style Guide

Consistency in style builds your brand's recognition.

Your design styles such as Typography and color are vital areas to pay full attention to. It makes the users spend more time on your website. Thus, it should be clear, beautiful, and accurate.

Color makes the overall look of your website more beautiful. A good color scheme helps to hold the attention of the users. You can use the 60-30-10 formula to produce an ideal balance in the context of color on your website.

- 60 is about 60% Primary color

- 30 is about 30% Secondary color

- 10 is about 10 % Accent color

Typography is all about using fonts in a well-way so that users can read easily. Instead of using multiple fonts, just select one or two fonts for every web page, it will create consistency in your web pages. And this way, users can easily understand the information on every page of your website.

After using the same style or design on the every page of your website, users will easily remember your brand's recognition.

What are the benefits of having ESP Inspire as a Web Design Company?

1. Improved search engine ranking

Your website is a lucrative source only when it attracts more customers. We make your website search engine optimized to pop up in the search results of the users, which helps to attract them. The more your website design is search optimized, the more your website will occupy the search engine results.

2. Minimized bounce rate

Bounce rate can cause to get you away from the crowning moment. But we strive to give you the crowning achievement. By including all the essential factors in your website, we help to hold the visitors' attention and make them spend more time on your website.

3. Increased revenues with responsive design

With responsive design, your website is most likely to get rocket speed in generating higher revenues. By integrating the responsive design, we build your brand's awareness on every device, which helps to produce more sales.

4. Digital marketing integration

Social media channels have become the most popular platforms for marketing. People spend most of their time on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more when they are free. Thus by providing you with digital-friendly web designs, we help you to reach your target audience on social media as well, which increase your business's online growth.

5. Better first impression

Remember that first impression scenario? Our captivating, user-friendly, and functional website designs help to give a stronger first impression to engage the users. With the right strategies, we craft your design in such a way that users would like to continue their search journey on your site.

ESP Inspire will help you to create your website second to none

Your website's design is the backbone of your robust website. So, if you want to prominent your brand's name, you need to invest in web design for sure. Once you pay will let you earn sales repeatedly. Also, people will come to know about your business and that increases your valuable customers. You can Hire Web designers from our firm if you want to have a flawless website.

We can help you in different aspects such as custom web design, redesigning your website, e-commerce web design, custom CMS, or Website Maintenance.

Our team of professionals knows the worth of your website's design and that's why they are well-equipped with the latest tools and result-driven strategies to create your website unique. We listen to your business goals first and then land on the ground to meet them. Delivering our clients the expected outputs set us apart.


What is web design?

Web design is the process of displaying the content and visual elements on the website with planning, strategies, and tactics to engage the users online. An effective web design enhances the user experience.

Why web design is so important?

Web design is the soul of a website. Users know a business's trustworthiness through its web design. The more it is engaging, the more it will drive the users into your valuable customers. Also, it helps to create a first impression which is the most important factor in your business success.

How consistency in web design helps to build your brand's recognition?

Instead of using multiple designs on every page of your website, you should use the same design on these pages like fonts, style, and layout. This will help to create a distinction in your brand and people will easily remember it for the next time.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design refers to the web design that is compatible with the screen of every device such as Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. This design offers a seamless experience on all of these devices, which increases the users' experience.

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