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Writing Essays Can Be Enjoyable

02 Oct 2022, 06:42 GMT+10

Throughout much of my time in high school and college, I was just a fair to poor essay writer.

I managed to get by with a steady stream of Bs and A-minuses thanks to the occasional brilliant essay I managed to compose.

I can attest to the fact that writing essays can be both tedious and challenging.

However, I finally cracked the code at the conclusion of my stay in school. Not only did I learn how to produce an excellent essay, but I also discovered some tips for making the process more enjoyable. Please visit for more info.

What Makes It So Challenging to Compose an Essay

Many students procrastinate writing essays for many reasons. When they do do it, they often struggle to formulate coherent thoughts about the topic at hand.

How to Structure Your Essay Like a Pro

Do not forget that the essay you are writing is merely a tale.

Truth be told, essays are also about struggle and change, just as any tale is. In an essay, on the other hand, the opposing forces are competing ideas, and the resolution involves a shift in perspective. In other words, the most effective articles are those that shock their readers: It's more accurate to say, 'You probably believe it's one way, but in fact, you should think of it this other way.' For more on this, check out the third piece of advice.

Is there a way to tell which story you're telling? To find out, just read the prompt.

The topics and requirements for completing the assignments on any given list of essay prompts will vary. Included in these themes are protagonists (real or fictional) who must make tough decisions. It is up to you to make use of the options provided, whether through analysis, argument, investigation, or detailed description.

Use a lot of sources.

Before I tell you how I went from a mediocre student to an A student in college, I feel the need to forewarn you. While effective, this strategy may not mesh with the teaching styles of every professor. You should exercise caution when using.

I was struggling to come up with original ideas for a literature class paper when I realised that many of the articles and books I was referencing already said what I was trying to say much more eloquently. Well, then, what did I do? I used numerous quotes from them in my paper. Whenever I didn't directly quote someone, I restated their ideas in my own words, making sure to give them the due credit they deserved, of course. In addition to producing a well-written essay, I found that following this formula cut my writing time in half.

The body should be written first, followed by the introduction, and then the conclusion.

Writing an essay's introduction is notoriously challenging because you essentially need to provide a summary of the entire paper in a few short paragraphs. A better strategy is to write the body of your paper first, then the introduction, giving yourself time in the middle to figure out what your essay is going to be about.

This is especially true if you've been assigned an essay on a subject that doesn't particularly interest you. Especially in classes where you don't fare well or have little interest, this is something you should try. Spend more time drafting and revising your body paragraphs than you would on writing an effective introduction.

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