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Your garage can be a valuable part of your house and act as extra storage space, a place to work on projects, or even an extension of your home. Over the forecast period of 2022 to 2026, the market for garage storage systems is expected to develop at a healthy pace of more than 4.8% CAGR and reach 1293.3 million USD. It's evident that it holds importance, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming when it comes to organizing and cleaning your garage. There are so many different things going on there that one might wonder where to start when trying to organize it. So here is this guide for keeping your garage tidy and organized:

Why Garage Keepers Insurance Providers Want You to Keep Your Garage Clean?

Garage keepers insurance providers want you to keep your garage clean because it is the only way for you to get the most out of it. A clean garage will be safer, more organized, easier to use and maintain, and better for the environment. Therefore, the client's car won't get damaged if managed well. However, if it does, you might incur all the financial losses that can come with it. To avoid such situations, you must keep the garage clutter less and clean.

What does an organized garage look like? It contains everything you have and things that are not currently being used but may be used in the future. An organized garage also has designated spots for each item, so it's easy for anyone who has access to know where things go. It will make using items much more accessible than searching around or guessing where they are kept.

1. Assess the Situation

To start, you'll need to assess the situation. Start by making a list of everything that's currently stored in your garage. Then, divide that list into three categories:

  • First, stuff you want to keep in the garage.
  • Stuff that needs to be removed.
  • Things that need organization or cleaning.

Once you've made these lists, it's time for action. The next step is sorting through each category and removing any unnecessary items, so they no longer take up space in your garage.

2. Take Everything Out of the Garage

The next step is to take all the stuff out of your garage. How many things do you have in there? Do you know? If not, it's time to find out. The first step is to start with a sweep of everything that's currently stored in your garage. Throw away or recycle anything that's no longer needed or broken beyond repair.

Then organize what remains into categories: tools, sports equipment, paint supplies, etc. Now is also an excellent time to clean up any dirt or grime on flooring or walls and use shelving units for more storage space if needed. If possible, add some lighting, so it doesn't feel claustrophobic when there are no windows nearby.

3. Donate What You Do Not Need

If you don't keep a car in your garage and have no need for the contents of its trunk, then get rid of it. Consider donating to charity or giving away to friends, family members, or neighbors who may have some use for what you're getting rid of. If you want to sell off some of your items, consider taking them to a garage sale first. It is especially good if you're selling large items like furniture or appliances where people tend not to be too picky about condition. Donate your unwanted items locally instead of hauling them back home with you from the big city and contact your local charity organization. Another option might be heading to another charity organization that accepts donations but doesn't do pickups.

4. Organize Your Supplies

The next step is to organize your supplies. If you have a lot of tools, it might be overwhelming to go through them all at once, so start by sorting them into categories. For example, Screwdrivers and wrenches go together in one container; hammers and nails go together in another, etc.

Once you've sorted all your tools into categories, it's time to decide how they will live. If some items will live near where they're used, place those items closer than others, like saws. You can also use labels or stickers on containers or shelves so that everything has its own space without guessing.

5. Take Care of the Garage Floor and Walls

It would help if you also took care of the floor and walls in your garage. It is no small feat, as most garages have lots of dirt on them and a lot of oily residue from tools used over time. To clean up this mess, grab some disinfectant spray and a mop and clean the floor. Also, vacuum any power tools that may have spilled oil or other liquids on them so you can get rid of all those germs.

6. Use Shelves for Storage

If you have a lot of tools, you should consider getting an extra set of shelves for storing them. It can be as simple as building a few makeshift wall mount shelving units or buying some at your local hardware store.

  • Use the space above the door to create more storage. If you have enough room, using this area is a great way to add extra storage without additional floor space.
  • Use plastic bins with labels to organize your items by category. It makes it easy for anyone who enters your garage to know where everything goes.

7. Consider Deep Cleaning

Perhaps you've already cleaned your garage, and now you want to go the extra mile and give it a deep cleaning. You can use a pressure washer to clean the floor, walls, and ceiling of any dirt or grime accumulated over time. If you have concrete floors, consider using a degreaser as well, it'll help remove any old oil stains that might have built up on them.

You can also take the services of professional cleaning companies. Allied Market Research has reported that this market is booming, and by 2030 it is estimated to reach around 111,498.8 billion USD. It indicates how much people entrust these services to get the best results.

8. Plan for Garbage and Recycling

World Economic Forum reports that around two million tons (5% to 6% of the 40 million tons) of plastic garbage produced in the United States in 2021 were recycled. It is a good practice since recycling can help save the planet from these products' pollution. When organizing and cleaning your garage, plan for garbage and recycling. The bins should be placed in a separate area from other household items. Consider using a trash can with wheels if you have a small space. If you have ample space, consider using a rolling garbage can that can hold more than one bag at a time for easy removal.

With These Tips, Your Garage Will Always Be Tidy and Organized

To get started, you'll want to think about garage keepers insurance. It is something that can help you get your garage organized and keep it tidy. While this may not be an immediate concern for many people, it's a good idea to start thinking about it now. You don't have to do everything at once; the best way to tackle this is by working on one project at a time until they're all complete.

And if your garage isn't currently organized or clean? Don't worry. With these tips and tricks under your belt, your life will be much easier when it comes time for spring cleaning next year.

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