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Lip PMU and the permanent makeup industry itself are thriving ‒ it's only a logical thing to happen when the benefits of lip permanent makeup are obvious:

  • you don't have to waste time on applying traditional makeup;
  • your lips always look lush;
  • it's even more affordable than buying a lipstick every now and then and trying to match colors.

There are multiple permanent makeup techniques existing for every facial area, but for lips, Lip Blusing is the go-to technique:

So, what is Lip Blushing treatment?

Lip Blushing is an ultimate lips PMU treatment that tattoos the pigment into the thin skin of your lips, creating a semi-permanent tint for your lips. The effect lasts for a few months, and the procedure is completely safe if done by a medical professional or a certified permanent makeup artist.

The process of applying Lip Blush requires a vast knowledge of skin anatomy and physiology, color theory, and very trained hands to do everything smoothly.

First, your PMU artist outlines your lips with white waterproof pencil to blueprient the shape of the future working area. Then, the artist figures out a pigment mix based on your natural skin color palette. Some things also has to be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect color:

  • The depth of tattooing. Even though the skin on the lips is extremely thin, it still can influence the final shade of ip blush. With that in mind, PMU artists tend to choose a bit warmer and more vivid colors for applying lip tattoo as the skin will make the pigment look colder and paler.
  • The healing process. It is no secret that pigment tends to wear off during the healing process ‒ the saturation loss can be up to 25%. With that in mind, it's only logical that a permanent makeup artist applies more vivid color ‒ it will become paler during the healing process, and eventually fixed during the touch-up appointment.
  • The next comes the local anaesthetic. It is applied in a form of numbing cream, usually with lidocaine as a main numbing agent. Its effect will take on in 5-10 minutes.

    When everything is ready for tattooing, the artist uses a sterile needle set for their permanent makeup machine, and starts applying the pigment. First, it looks like a lip liner. Then, some bolder strokes will be added closer to the central area. An experienced artist will be really careful with their strokes, altering them and adjusting to the location. For example, the Cupid's bow area needs careful and precise strokes without them going over the vermillion line.

    When lips finally get their even tint, a PMU artist applies vaseline to smooth out the skin. As for what comes next, you can expect a short healing period and a touch-up appointment to enhance the result.

    Everything you need to know about Lip Blushing

    As you can see, the principle here is similar to the principle of other permanent makeup procedures. With that in mind, other aspects of permanent makeup treatments also apply to Lip Blushing.

    How long does it last for?

    Usually the effect after the touch-up procedure stays for 2-3 years, slowly fading away. It's all individual, however, because skin regenartion cycles are different in everyone. The best thing is: when you choose a professional PMU artist who uses high-quality pigments, your lip color won't morph into an unpleasant shade ‒ instead, it will slowly fade to your natural lip color.

    Does it hurt?

    During the treatment, you might feel some tingling or even slight irritation on your lips ‒ just like with any other tattooing process. The good news is, some numbing cream can be applied, and you won't feel anything on your lips at all.

    So, no, it usually doesn't hurt when you get lips blushing or other kind of semi-permanent or permanent makeup tattooing.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost depends on a lot of things ‒ first of all, the price list of the PMU artist you choose. Some charge $200-$250, while more experienced artists that use high-quality appliances and disposables can charge up to $800 per procedure. Don't forget to include the cost of a touch-up treatment, though some artists tend to give a discount for these.

    How long will it take to heal?

    The healing period is different for everyone. Expect your lips to completely heal in 10-14 days. You might feel irritation and notice the crusting ‒ it's completely natural body reaction to pigment injection, so don't panic and follow the aftercare instructions your permanent makeup artist gave you.

    When your lips are healed after the initial procedure, you might need a touch-up procedure to refresh the color, as the healing process after the first PMU treatment always takes 25-40% of initial ink injected away.

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