Sun, 01 Oct 2023

Wooden buildings for gardens are a trend that is gaining more and more followers. They provide additional space in many different forms - extra accommodation modules, offices, leisure spaces or storage, and can even extend the usable area of your home. But why are they a valuable option for your outside space?

Let's start with the basics: the material. Wood is a great option to build your outside cabinets and buildings, as it is a resistant, aesthetically appealing material that provides comfort to buildings due to its warm colours and textures. Who doesn't love a beautiful wooden house? Besides, today there are multiple options, from rustic wooden spaces to modern architectural solutions that appeal to all tastes. And personalization is always an option as well. Wood is also a sturdy material, and the one used for construction purposes goes through treatment processes that remove most of its humidity, as well as anti-thermite treatments. Among all the construction materials, wood is the one that provides better thermal and acoustic insulation, keeping the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That also makes it an economical material - savings in heating or air conditioning can be of 50 to 60%. Being made from natural and non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, wood is also ecological. There are many types of woods for outside projects, including cedar, cypress and oak, among others.

One of the biggest concerns around wooden houses and buildings is fire safety. Those come from the fact that, as everyone knows, wood is a flammable material. Still, nowadays, due to modern solutions that include specific treatments and construction techniques, wooden buildings are safe against the risk of fire. In fact, thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, wood itself displays a superior behaviour compared, for instance, with steel. When exposed to fire, the parts of a wooden house or cabinet form a superficial layer of charcoal, which acts as a thermal insulator, preventing the rapid escape of flammable gases and the propagation of heat to the interior or the other rooms. This impediment results in the deceleration of heating and the deterioration of the material, thus collaborating favourably to maintain the house structure. When building and equipping a wooden cabinet or house, you must carefully choose the electricity, gas and heating systems and ensure that they are installed while following all current anti-fire regulations.

Regardless of the size or purpose of your wooden building, maintenance is essential. Dirt is the most common cause of discolouration on the walls of wooden buildings, and as such, these should be cleaned every year with warm water, soap and a soft brush. Plastic components such as doors, windows, gutters or others should also be cleaned annually. Choose a cleaning product that helps with both sanitising and maintenance, increasing resistance to weathering. has all the information about maintenance and everything you need to know before buying the perfect wooden building. Check it out here and learn more from our experts in the field.

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