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The 10 Best-Selling Car Brands In The World

14 Sep 2022, 23:17 GMT+10

The automobile industry is pretty saturated. Almost every country in the world has indigenous vehicle manufacturing companies. But, of course, there are some that maintain a lead in the global market. Read on the learn about the top 10 highest-selling car brands in the world.

Top best-selling car brands

Below, we list the top 10 best-selling car brands in the world, based on data published in the first quarter of 2022.

● Toyota - 2.2 Million units

At the very top of the list is Japanese Automobile giant - Toyota. Renowned for its rugged vehicles and sophisticated distribution chains, it comes as no surprise that it is by far the best-selling car brand in the world. To show how generally accepted Toyotas have become across the globe, the brand has recently found itself at the center of political controversy, as US authorities have begun wondering how ISIS terrorists got their hands on so many Toyota pickup trucks.

Established in 1937, Toyota's cars are regarded as very durable, and they retain significant resale value. Also, their cars are relatively affordable. All of these combine to earn them double the sales figures of the second best-selling car brand.

● Volkswagen - 1.1 Million units

Producer of the original "people's car" - the VW Beetle, Volkswagen comes in second. Also established in 1937, Volkswagen has had more than enough time to build a notable presence in the market.

Volkswagen first gained international prominence with the Beetle. The car was produced in the 1940s as an affordable option for the middle class that had begun rapidly expanding in the years following the war. Then, its buses hit the markets in the 1960s and became a symbol of the hippie community in America.

Decades on, the brand continues to maintain a strong foothold in the global auto markets.

● Honda - 1 Million units

The third best-selling car brand in the world is none other than another famed Japanese automaker known for durability and affordability - Honda. A favorite of the global middle class, it's no surprise that the company was able to rack up 1 million units in sales in such a short time.

Established in 1948, Honda boasts an impressive catalog of options that allows it to serve a wide range of customers. Customers in the lower middle class can afford lower and older models, while more economically advantaged customers can trust Honda's more expensive trims for their comfortability, and luxury features.

● Hyundai - 872 Thousand units

The first South-Korean automaker to make this list, Hyundai comes in as the fourth best-selling car brand in the world. Established in 1967, Hyundai, like other automakers on this list, manufactures a wide range of durable and affordable cars that appeal to different segments of the global middle class.

● Ford - 866 Thousand units

Ford's F150 truck is regarded as the most common vehicle in America. There are currently an estimated 16.1 million F150s on the road in America, with 726 thousand sold last year alone.

The Ford brand is highly regarded for its trucks and SUVs, as they have been shown to be some of the most reliable options in those car segments in the market. As a testament to that, Ford is the brand most favored by the Police. Many police quad cars in the country are either specially made Ford Bronco SUVs or sedans.

Also, the company has retained its grip on market share, by staying on the front end of cutting-edge technology in auto manufacturing. Its electric F150 lightning, for example, is the first commercially available pickup truck in the US. Launched in April this year, the car has quickly sold over 4,000 units in North America and has received rousing reviews across the board.

● Nissan - 830 Thousand units

Another middle-class favorite, Nissan is a Japanese brand that has maintained a consistent presence among the top-selling car brands globally, for the past few years. Renowned for its sporty looks, family-friendly spaciousness, and fuel efficiency, it's no surprise that they are the sixth best-selling brand globally.

● Kia - 673 Thousand units

Founded in 1944, Kia is another South Korean automaker that has grown to dominate the market for affordable vehicles for the middle class. In 2016, Kia was ranked by J.D Power & Associates as the first on its model reliability rank in America - the first time the award was won by a brand that isn't focused on the luxury segment of the market. The brand's popularity was also greatly boosted when Pope Francis rode around in a Kia Soul when visiting Soth Korea in 2014. However, as of present, Hyundai holds a 33.88% stake in the company.

● Chevrolet - 673 Thousand units

The Chevrolet is the second most popular car brand in America, led only by Ford. The Chevrolet brand is just one automotive manufacturing giant - General Motors. It boasts an impressive offering of models and trims; from off-road SUVs to family-friendly minivans, sedans, and its iconic Corvette. It just makes sense that the brand is firmly placed among the top-ten best selling brands in the world.

● Tesla - 567 Thousand units

Tesla is definitely the youngest on this list. A pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla was only established almost 20 years ago in 2003, and only first started selling vehicles in 2008, when it sold only 180. However, thanks to the sheer performance and elegance of the cars, the brand has grown tremendously in so short a time. However, unlike most of the other cars on this list, Tesla's target market is not exactly the middle class. With the cheapest model costing nearly $50,000, Tesla has firmly established itself as a luxury automobile manufacturer.

● Mercedes - 517 Thousand units

Finally, Mercedes. The very oldest brand on this list, Mercedes has been a trailblazer in the auto industry since it was first established in 1926. Its vehicles have achieved historical fame on the race track, while other models provide ultimate luxury to the rich. Leveraging its decades' worth of extensive experience in the markets, and staying innovative, Mercedes-Benz has pretty much dominated the luxury vehicle market. It's not for nothing that it is one of the brands most favored by heads of state, and captains of the industry worldwide.

Final words

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