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How To Get 100 Followers On Instagram?

10 Sep 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

Instagram is a platform that is gaining popularity with the speed of light. Moreover, getting fame on this forum is not an easy-going task but a complicated one. If we look around and think that 100 followers are nothing to gain. Then we are totally wrong. But we also cannot say that it is an easy mark to attain. Then what is the pick? In other words, gaining Instagram followers through natural ways instead of buying Instagram followers, is easy but requires a lot of effort. In this article, we will try to overshadow different tactics to reach our destination.

'IG Likes' Helps You To Grow

Getting support from the 'IG Likes' and starting climbing up the stairs of success is not a new concept.

  • Firstly 'IG Likes' teaches you to start your journey by targeting 100 followers, then they give you a high push towards success.

What is the trick? This means you do not get 100 followers dropped into your lap. There must be something you have to do. But what's that?

  • A great pick is single out some audience with your active engagements as well as influential posting

Step By Step Guide

Here we will present you with a fair guide to achieving what you are looking for. But this totally depends on you and your account because if you are not active enough and giving more time to your account then what will these tricks do? Right? Anyways, let's get started with this ride, together.

Step No. 1

Log in to your account and go on the feed of some popular or celebrity's page of your interests.

  1. Check on their famous post and open likes
  2. Start Following those likers one by one

This method will definitely help you earn some extra follow backs.

Step No. 2

In the next step,

  1. Like the posts of hundreds of people because according to a study, you gain 6 followers over 100 likes
  2. So, keep liking and keep growing

Step No. 3

Now go for the posts of the people you want to get as followers

  1. Open their posts one by one and comment with supportive words
  2. This will make the next person happy and lure them to come and follow you

After completing these steps, stop and wait for a few more responses. Until then focus on other tricks.

Regular Posting Gets You Everything

Whoever joins your followers' team will surely get bored instantly, if you do not post something to entertain them. So,

  1. Post on a daily basis
  2. Always post something intriguing and interesting
  3. If the post is related to the current issue, this will be more than better
  4. Most importantly, always post original content rather than taking and uploading it as your own
  5. Post self-edited photos plus videos with a watermark of your page's name

Link To Other Forums: The Best Type Of Promotions

If you feel any difficulty in understanding the process of linking your Instagram profile with other platforms like Facebook or Twitter etc. Then you do not need to worry because the 'IG Likes' got you. Follow our leads

  1. Login to your account on Instagram
  2. Go to the setting option
  3. Look for the course of action named 'linked accounts'

Second Hand Benefits

Connecting your Instagram link to the Facebook one comes with handy welfare. Or you can try another way, which is providing your Instagram link in your Facebook bio. Both ways will earn you several profits like

  1. More people will come to know about your Instagram account through Facebook
  2. Most of us have a lot of friends on Facebook and we participate in group postings as well.
  3. Then hundreds of people come to visit your profile daily.
  4. This is a great chance for you to showcase your account in front of a greater community

Contests In Line

Take your account and posts to participate in different contests. There are several contests going on the internet in which you can participate easily.

  1. Firstly, check which account on Instagram is holding a contest
  2. Secondly, prepare your post according to the theme of the competition
  3. Usually, these tournaments are highly populated. So, make sure, the post through which you are participating, is perfect.
  4. Because you have to win that competition to come up in the list of people whom they want to follow.

Hashtags of High Rated Relevance

Another way of getting nearer to the mark of 100 followers is the usage of highly popular hashtags.

  1. In the first post, use top 100 hashtags for a wild touch
  2. After that, start experimenting with different famous tags and check which gets your post more reach than others
  3. Let us share some favored hashtags with you

  1. #nofilter
  2. #instapost
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #tb
  5. #followforfollow
  6. #famous
  7. #reach

  1. Implementation of hashtags can grow your instagram followers

Tempt People From Your Geographical Circle Through Geotags

The addition of location tags helps other people around you to find their buddy accounts.

  1. Firstly, people love to follow a person who lives near them.
  2. Secondly, it will be best if you let your followers know about your daily routine. 'Where you were?', 'where are you at right now?' Or 'where you are going'. Such answers make your followers engaged and they do not think about unfollowing you.

Ending Notes

This article is going to be a game changer for your social life. Give a brief read to it and enjoy free tips plus tricks to accomplish your goal of gaining more Instagram followers. Here her have discussed

  1. 'IG Likes' helps you to grow
  2. Step by step guide with a total of almost three steps
  3. Regular posting gets you everything
  4. Link to other forums: The best type of promotions
  5. Second hand benefits
  6. Contests in line
  7. Hashtags of high-rated relevance
  8. Tempt people from your geographical circle through geotags

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