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When forming a marketing strategy in 2022, there are a lot of different aspects and elements to consider. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and other events over the past couple of years, many organizations have turned the bulk of their marketing efforts toward the digital and virtual economy. Digital marketing efforts have been important for any competitive brand for well over a decade at this point; however, these tactics have become even more poignant and influential as the digital economy has grown to the size it is today.

Considering the regular integration of digital media into our everyday lives and the growing population of digital natives in the economy, many organizations are also making use of digital out-of-home media marketing campaigns. Digital OOH marketing campaigns integrate digital media with the concept of traditional OOH media marketing. This combination can make for an engaging and impactful marketing campaign for any organization. Choosing the right digital OOH marketing media for your brand can help put your products or services directly in front of your target audience.

The ins and Outs Digital Billboards

First on the list is the digital billboard. A digital billboard is very similar to a traditional billboard, except for the fact that it incorporates a digital display. Otherwise, digital billboards essentially function in the same way as traditional billboards. They can be placed along highways, in and around sport stadiums, or even near other popular tourist attractions.

Some of the other reasons that digital billboards make an excellent choice for a marketing campaign is the fact that they offer designers more flexibility. By making use of a digital display, marketing professionals and creatives can work together to come up with unique, engaging, and creative ads to place on digital billboards.

There are a couple other important things to note when it comes to digital billboards, too. For instance, digital billboards are a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, the owner of the digital billboard can actually sell the same space to multiple clients. This is because the digital display technology is able to cycle through a number of ads uploaded. This is part of the reason that digital billboards are becoming so popular.

Similarly, because everything involved is digital, it's a lot easier to exchange one brand for another on a digital billboard than it is a traditional one.

Understanding Digital Spectaculars

Digital spectaculars are sort of like a mosaic of digital billboards, only they take the spectacle to a whole new level, hence their namesake. Digital spectaculars can be described as a wall of display screens and monitors equipped with custom light and audio. Furthermore, these marketing displays can offer social media integrations, making them extremely engaging with consumers.

Digital spectaculars are typically positioned in heavily trafficked or crowded areas in order to generate as many impressions as possible. Afterall, these display spectaculars are meant to be seen by a wide audience.

It is important to note that the successful design and execution of a digital spectacular typically relies on a highly trained and capable tech-team.

Digital Ad Trucks and Other Vehicles

Another creative way to get your marketing material in front of more eyes is through the use of digital advertising trucks. These trucks are essentially mobile billboards, and they can offer either static-space, or a digital advertising space through the use of LED technology.

Digital advertising on trucks is a good way to create a memorable piece of marketing material that can be seen by anyone in the busiest streets of the biggest cities. It is important to keep in mind, though, that the use of LED technology means that your digital advertisement will likely only be viewable when the sun goes down, or in low-light-areas.

Why Choose Digital Out of Home Media?

Digital out of home media represents an exciting and unique area for marketing professionals to explore. There are a variety of digital out of home media marketing opportunities that can spark consumer engagement, increase brand-awareness, and even help a brand go-to-market in a new city, town, or region.

With digital out of home media marketing your brand can stand out amongst the competition and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Designing the Right Digital Out of Home Media Campaign for your Brand

Not every digital out of home media marketing medium is right for every brand. Think about which of the DOOH media marketing campaigns would best fit with your brand as it already is, and which your target audience might respond to best.

Wrapping up; The Future of Digital OOH Advertising and Marketing

Digital out of home media marketing represents an exciting, creative, and unique format for marketing campaigns no matter what product or service your brand provides. Connect with consumers, increase impressions, and spark conversation all with digital OOH media marketing.

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