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Friday Plans Fact Check: We Investigated Every Claim - Did They Really Make Getting Generic Viagra® Online as Easy as Buying Supplements?

A Lot of What People are Saying About Friday Plans Sounds too Good to be True

You've seen it pop up across the internet and the headlines have you curious: What is Friday Plans? That's how I felt, so I decided to investigate what all the buzz was about. I was seeing claims like "Free prescription and free shipping", "Just take a short online questionnaire instead of going to the doctor" and "Generic Viagra® for only $1.99 per tablet." Those sounded like bold claims! How can anybody offer all of those free benefits AND generic Viagra® for less than the price of a small latte?

I also kept seeing phrases like "Sex 2.0" and "Boner Renaissance" pop up. What does all this mean? So I looked into it, and what I found was astounding.

What is Friday Plans?

Friday Plans is an ED medication delivery service that prescribes and ships FDA-approved generic Viagra® straight to your door for the lowest cost possible. This company makes getting generic Viagra® as easy as shopping on Amazon. Instead of the frustrating and embarrassing process of going to your primary care doctor and then a pharmacy, Friday Plans wraps the entire experience up into an efficient online experience.

So now that we know a little bit about the company, what about their other claims? How does someone get generic Viagra® legally for only $1.99 per dose?

Fact Check: Does Friday Plans Really Offer Generic Viagra® at $1.99 per dose with free medical consults?

Considering the cost of a medical visit and generic Viagra® in most pharmacies it seems unlikely they could offer all that. But during my investigation, I found that every claim Friday Plans made was true. Friday Plans really does give their patients a free prescription and free delivery. They also really do have a short 2-minute questionnaire that assesses your need for generic Viagra®. It's their way of trying to start a revolution they call "the Boner Renaissance" - a flood of men discovering just how great sex can be when they properly treat their ED.

But what about that price? I thought there was just no way that could be true. I'd tried getting generic Viagra® from the pharmacy, and a single pill cost upwards of $40[1]. How in the hell could Friday Plans possibly offer generic Viagra® for as little as $1.99 per pill? But apparently, it's 100% true. Friday Plans does offer generic Viagra® for that low of a cost, and here's how they do it.

How Friday Plans Saves on Costs

In its mission to bring men low-cost generic Viagra®, Friday Plans pulled out all the stops. They looked at every aspect of our bloated healthcare system and decided to start from scratch. The way they accomplished this was by restructuring every part of the system: How you get prescribed, the source of medication, and the prescription filling process. They also made some pretty bold claims in each of these categories, so I checked to see whether these were valid.

Fact Check: Friday Plans Gets You a Free Prescription Over the Internet in 2 Minutes

We all know the traditional route to getting prescribed: First, you have to call the doctor's office and get an appointment. Then, you have to wait weeks for the appointment, where you'll have to drive down and wait even more. Once there it's never right to the issue at hand, first, they'll check your blood pressure and ask how your general health is. After that, you tell them your problem and hopefully be approved for the medication you need.

The founders of Friday Plans thought that was too much hassle and set out to simplify the whole process. Friday Plans built their system to save you time and money. They constructed a direct-to-patient platform from the ground up that focuses specifically on treating your ED. Instead of visiting a doctor in person, they used telemedicine to make the whole process more efficient.

So it turns out that this claim is 100% true: All you have to do is take a short 2-minute assessment and a medical provider licensed in your state reviews your answers and prescribes generic Viagra® to you if you qualify, all without leaving your couch.

Fact Check: Friday Plans offers Legit FDA-Approved Generic Viagra® for a Lower Price

While some companies source their medication from non-FDA-approved compounding facilities Friday Plans only works with FDA-approved manufacturers who follow all the guidelines set by the FDA. So the claim that they offer legitimate FDA-approved Viagra® for a lower price is absolutely true! They buy their medication in bulk from these manufacturers which saves costs vs most pharmacies that buy in small quantities. These cost savings are then passed on to the patients, which is how they lower costs on that step.

Because pharmacies have to carry a variety of different medications they just can't afford to purchase generic Viagra® in the massive quantities that Friday Plans does. This allows Friday Plans to offer that insanely affordable price of $1.99 per pill.

Fact Check: Friday Plans uses Automation to save their subscribers even more money

This one I was skeptical on, but it turns out that Friday Plans does indeed save their subscribers more money by using automation. Friday Plans took a note from massively successful companies like Amazon and integrated automation into their operations. By using one of the country's largest central fill pharmacies Friday Plans was able to streamline the order filling process. Instead of hundreds of separate inefficient local pharmacies, Friday Plans aggregates its orders into 1 central fill facility achieving economies of scale. This efficiency means even more affordable operations, which means you no longer have to pay for the inefficiencies of the local pharmacy.

How You Can Benefit From Using Friday Plans

Erectile dysfunction can mess up so many aspects of your life. From your mental health to your relationship, sexual wellness is vitally important to overall life satisfaction. Stronger, longer-lasting erections are within your reach with Friday Plans' generic Viagra®.

If you are suffering from ED, I would recommend not waiting any longer and treating your ED with Friday Plans. You can get a free prescription along with free shipping with one simple click. Click here to take your free online questionnaire, and start dealing with your ED right now!


1. https://www.webmd.com/rx/drug-prices/sildenafil

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