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You may be thinking of cutting back on the upkeep and maintenance of the golf course because of budget constraints. If you are, you need to understand its consequences. Some of the consequences are cosmetic, while others carry deeper repercussions which can add a potential risk to the health conditions of the course and the golfers. So, let's proceed with the blog to understand what happens when you fail to practice a standard maintenance process.

  • Irregular Mowing

If the grass is left unmown by golf mowers for a long time, it gets difficult to whip it back into the best possible shape for playing. You may think it is easy to bring down the grass to whatever height you want, but it is not the same in reality. It is important to remember that one must never lop off more than one-third of the leaf blade with a single mow. Going down any lower than that can cause short and long-term damage to the golf course.

All the greens are typically required to mow by the golf course mowers at least once every three days. Without this practice, it will get quite difficult to get it back in shape for the golfers.

  • In-appropriate Maintenance

Every spring season requires special attention from the golf course superintendents and maintenance people. It is when the course starts to ramp up for the upcoming season. It involves treating the grass to keep it strong and healthy for the long haul. The treatment includes laying down the course with plant protectants to stave off weeds, diseases and insects. If one lags in doing these maintenance tasks properly, you may start to notice the problems right from the next day. It may end up being an expensive deal to the people who are responsible for it.

  • Less Vulnerable Bunkers

A golf course that has gone too bad to play, bunkers are yet less vulnerable to deal with the maintenance issues than fairways and greens. However, if it is left unattended for a very long time, weed may overtake them.

The weeds can be removed; however, it requires the removal of several inches of sand as well - it can be a quick fix but yet a costly one. Removing sand also brings about the threat of washouts as the sand gets contaminated and needs to be entirely replaced. The cleaning of the bunkers requires proper golf course maintenance equipment for saving your time, money and sand from washing off.

  • Improper Fairway Maintenance

Although it is okay to mow the fairway at least once a week, without professional golf course mowers and golf course maintenance equipment, one may tend to increase the mowing height of the fairway, resulting in shaggier land space and a less pristine look. The striped mowing fairway pattern can be seen in most courses, but it requires a lot of turning, making it a less efficient way to mow. If the superintendents fail to offer required attention, they must keep themselves prepared to witness how fairways will look and play.

  • Everything Depends On Water

Everyone and everything requires water, and the grass is no exception. For the right maintenance of the grass, it needs to be irrigated. Besides water, many other factors require your attention, such as soil, turf type, climate, and rainfall. The greens require water, while fairways are quite tolerant to drought conditions. Greens require a generous amount of water; on the other hand, fairways can manage without water for at least two days. It can cost you a lot of money and time if not taken care of. In worst situations, one may even have to replant or build entire green yet again.

Finishing Words:

Now that you know what can happen to your course if you fail to take care of it. It is also important to understand the tools you may require to achieve the desired results. One may put their foot forward towards Statewide Turf Equipment for the best golf course maintenance equipment. It is the best platform to get the finest quality equipment at affordable prices. Check out the collection and make the purchase accordingly!

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