Tue, 17 May 2022

When setting up an office space, a mouse pad may not be at the top of the list, but it may be one of the most important things you purchase. In recent days, most people work from their computers or laptops for hours at a time without thinking of the negative implications not using proper wrist support can have. Here are a few reasons why you should be using wrist support and how to find the best ergonomic mouse pad for your office.

Why Wrist Rests Are Important

There has been a debate on whether or not wrist rests can help reduce the risk of developing injuries to your wrists such as carpal tunnel. The short answer is that when a wrist rest is used correctly there is less strain on the wrists when working at a keyboard and therefore less risk of injury. Here are some guidelines to follow to make sure you are using it correctly:

  • The pad should rest on the heel or palm of your hand, not your wrists
  • Your workspace should be ergonomically coordinated
  • Reduce how much you bend your wrist by moving other things in your workspace for easier reaching
  • Match your wrist support to the front of the keyboard
  • Make sure your wrist support is soft but also supportive

Does an Ergonomic Mouse Pad Help

An ergonomic mouse pad has a large cushion for the heel of your hand to rest on while you are using your mouse or keypad. This allows your hand to rest on a soft surface instead of the hard desk. Having your wrist elevated also decreases how much your wrist has to bend to reach your mouse and your keys. Keeping your wrist in a neutral position helps avoid pain or discomfort when using a computer for long periods of time. Work days can be long and tiring and every little thing that brings you comfort will help the work day go by faster and more productive.

What Makes a Good Ergonomic Mouse Pad

There are a few key factors to check for to make sure you are using the best ergonomic mouse pad. You want quality and that means memory foam is the best. Find one with a nice breathable fabric so your wrists do not get too sweaty. It should be a correct ergonomic shape and allow adequate support for your wrists and hands. Proper hand positioning should be easy to find and maintain. With heat responsiveness, it will provide maximum comfort and productivity for your work day. Lastly, it should be affordable. You pay for what you get so you want to know you are getting a good product without breaking the bank. Check ratings, user reviews, and the company's return and replacement policies.

Best Keyboard and Mouse Practices

Once you get your ergonomic mouse pad, here are a few practices to follow:

  • The location of the keyboard should allow you to keep your arms close to your body without reaching.
  • Use an office chair with arm rests to support the weight of your arms so you are not putting excess weight and pressure on your wrists.
  • Your keyboard should be angled to allow your hands to be positioned in a straight line with your forearms, not bent.
  • Your mouse should also be located close enough to avoid reaching and your arm to maintain its position close to your body.
  • When using your mouse, your armrests should still be able to support the weight of your arms.
  • Your arm and wrist should be able to maintain its neutral, unbent position when using your mouse.
  • Your arms and wrists should remain comfortable throughout your work day and not rest on any sharp edges or corners of your work station.

You Deserve the Best

Working at a computer all day is exhausting and hard on your body. When setting up your workstation you should pick out only the best and most comfortable equipment. When you love your space, and feel comfortable, you are sure to have a more efficient and productive work day. This will not only benefit you during the work day, but it can also benefit you in the ong term by preventing wrist and hand injuries. Using the proper tools and practices can also help you save your back and hips by promoting correct posture. Now you know the importance of wrist support, order your mouse and keyboard pad today.

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