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MuteSix's Josh Henry-Hicks On Affiliate Marketing

18 Jan 2022, 00:24 GMT+10

MuteSix's Josh Henry-Hicks On Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, when done correctly, has the potential to become a legitimate 'cheat code' to unlocking a brighter financial future.

Specifically, affiliate marketing is a game changer - just ask Josh Henry-Hicks of MuteSix.

Josh has always been a big fan of affiliate marketing. He's long taught that this is the road to online business success, even if your future isn't necessarily in the affiliate world later down the line.

There's no better university for advanced marketing methods than the cutthroat, hypercompetitive, always fun and action-packed affiliate environment.

Let's run through why Josh loves affiliate marketing so much and why it's a cornerstone of everything that MuteSix embodies.

Affiliate Marketing 101

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this affiliate marketing guide, though, let's quickly run through what affiliate marketing is.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is basically the traditional commission based sales model brought online.

Instead of having to own your own product to sell basically become the 'middleman' for someone else with an offer, driving traffic, converting strangers into paying customers, and cashing in a commission every step of the way.

Basically, you get paid every time a sale is made on products, services, and offers you don't have to handle the fulfillment on.

5 Reasons Josh Henry-Hicks is Big on Affiliate Marketing in 2021

The promise of being able to pull down a decent amount of money regularly as a commission based online salesperson is a big part of why Josh recommends affiliate marketing - but there are five other big reasons he loves affiliate marketing, too.

Almost Zero Start Up Costs

For starters, jumping headfirst into the deep end of affiliate marketing costs almost nothing.

The dream - the ultimate dream - for a lot of new online entrepreneurs is being able to open up their very own internet money machine without having to spend a penny of their hard-earned money.

Fantastic for those looking to 'bootstrap', the costs for setting up an affiliate empire are really negligible. Maybe a little money for web hosting, maybe a little money for advertising. Outside of that, though, you're not going to be deep out-of-pocket.

Best of all, you'll be able to cover all of those expenses with just a handful of affiliate sales. After that it's all profit!

Minimal Risk, High Reward

Because there is very little upfront investment in affiliate marketing there's almost no downside at all.

You aren't going to have to sink thousands of dollars into a new business idea before you ever sniff your first customer. You aren't going to have to spend a mountain of money on marketing and advertising to get people to even be aware of who you are in your marketplace.

Instead, you'll be able to hit the ground running (literally) with already popular and high-performing products and services that are in high demand.

It's almost like you step onto a speeding bullet train rather than starting from scratch and trying to build from there.

That's a huge advantage, especially in today's hypercompetitive business environment.

You really do get to skip the first few steps in building your business and instead step into a fully formed, already converting online operation that you can tinker and toyed with to improve your own personal profitability.

Easy Scalability

Josh particularly loves the scalability of affiliate marketing.

Once you find a red-hot offer as an affiliate (one that's just pouring money into your bank account) you can essentially autopilot that offer and start the hunt for another, and another, and another!

Because affiliate offers generally need very little tending to it's not hard to get six or seven (or a lot more than that) offers up and running all at once, producing multiple passive income streams for you with very little effort.

No, you're not going to be able to make money in the affiliate world just by clicking a couple of buttons and then heading out to the beach. But you do have the potential to make money even while you sleep on multiple offers all at once.

That can be a game changer!

Develops a Marketer's 'Offer Nose'

It's tough to imagine there being a better way to learn the ins and outs of the online marketing world than as an affiliate.

As an affiliate you don't have to worry about:

  • Designing and developing products
  • Laying out new business models
  • Coming up with fulfillment protocols
  • Handling customer service
  • Processing returns and refunds
  • Taking care of accounting

... Or a lot of other things you would traditionally be responsible for as a 'regular business', for that matter.

All you have to do is focus on perfectly nailing the right marketing pitch to convert total strangers into paying customers.

If you can do that the sky is the limit!

This is why affiliate marketers are so laser focused. They know that the offer is the big piece of the puzzle here. And while the affiliate world is more competitive than ever before - maybe the most competitive industry online today - that's also a big boost for those serious about success.

You'll be swimming with the sharks right from day one.

But you'll also be learning from them, studying and analyzing their affiliate offers to improve your own, and getting a real masters class in how to succeed online today (and tomorrow) - the kind of real-world education you wouldn't have found anywhere else.

Real Potential for (Almost) Passive Income

Finally, the ability to create real passive income - not just the kind of passive income online gurus promise, but 'money while you sleep' passive income - through affiliate marketing is very, very real.

A lot of other business models out there promise passive income, hiding just how much work you have to do to keep that money coming in 'passively'.

With affiliate marketing, though, sometimes winning funnels and winning offers really become set it and forget it kind of affairs.

Sure, you'll need to come back and track your metrics, optimize your offers every now and again, and polish things up a bit. But when you strike the right chord with a particular market you can make money almost out of thin air - all while using your scalable affiliate empire to fund your dreams and generate your financial future.

Yes, it be fair to say that Josh Henry-Hicks from MuteSix is pretty big on affiliate marketing.

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