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7 Style Tips For Taller and Slimmer Men

13 Jan 2022, 18:42 GMT+10

Some of us would not appear as fit but we used to after staying in bed for months, which was fine until we began going out. Don't get us wrong: we admire and support your positive attitude toward your physique.

However, if you still want to appear slimmer and taller for special events, these men's clothing ideas will help ease anxiety in your appearance.

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While your clothes won't help you grow from 5'6' to 6'2', they can make you appear taller and thinner than you are.

On the other hand, wearing the incorrect clothes can make anyone appear smaller and even fat than how they really are.

In this post, I'll walk you through some very simple methods for making sure your clothes work for you rather than against you.


You've probably heard this before, and hopefully you've already taken action.

But if you still don't understand the power of fit, have a glance at these two photos of myself in a suit.

The ill-fitting outfit makes me appear shorter and bulkier than I am. I have the appearance of a child playing dress-up!

The suit that really does fit, on the other hand, makes me appear slim and elongates my physique, making me appear taller. I also appear to be much more mature and professional.

Trim the fat from your clothing if you wish to appear taller. I'm not saying you must dress in skinny jeans, but slim, fitted pieces will flatter you more than straight cut or relaxed fits.


You've probably heard that black is a 'slimming' hue, and that people who wish to seem slim should wear dark colours.

But did you guys know that wearing darker colours makes you appear taller? That is correct. This is why:

Shadows are eliminated by using dark hues.

In lighter-colored textiles, minor flaws like wrinkles and shadows stand out more.

These shadows merge in with the cloth on darker materials and become nearly invisible.

As a result, your physique will have a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Dark colours also reduce contrast.

Our eyes are extremely adept at recognising shapes. Contrast is what gives shapes their shape. It's about how you appear in relation to your surroundings.

Dark colours absorb light and fade into the backdrop, whilst lighter colours reflect light and jump out from the background.


Have you ever seen a guy with extremely tiny wrists and little hands wearing a massive watch with such a 45mm body and a hefty, enormous strap?

You want to make absolutely sure the accessories are proportional to your build because it makes the wrist and hands look small and your wrist look skinny.

You should wear little, thin accessories if you're a smaller, thin guy.

Similarly, if your forearms and hands are large, you should wear a larger watch that does not look abnormally little on the wrist.

It isn't just about timepieces. It's all about the accoutrements. Consider neckties as an example. You would not want to wear the wide tie with a complete Windsor knot if you're a petite man.

Instead, opt for a slender tie and a four-in-hand knot, and ensure that your ties don't extend past your waist to avoid appearing even shorter.


Patterns are important in the same manner that size is important with accessories.

You've probably heard that short men should avoid horizontal stripes since they make them appear shorter, whereas vertical stripes make folks appear taller.

This isn't correct, to be sure. It's not about the pattern's type; it's about the pattern's size and scale.

Wearing small size patterns, irrespective of exactly what type pattern you prefer -checks, gingham, vertical stripes, polka dots horizontal stripes - is a fantastic option.


Pants height vary significantly depending on what's fashionable, but shorter men should nearly always avoid low rise pants which sit low on their hips, regardless of trends.

Why? Because it gives the impression that your legs are shorter.

The trouble is, everyone's leg-to-torso ratio is different. However, your clothes influence your perceived waistline, irrespective of where your real waistline is.

As a result, if you wear your jeans low on your hips, your waistline seems to be smaller.

Long legs are appealing in most Western societies. High rise jeans & short are a sign for fitness, beauty, and athleticism, that's why they're so trendy in women's fashion right now. They make your waist slimmer and your legs longer. It's a win-win situation!

So, if you really want your legs to appear longer, simply choose jeans that are higher on your waist.

Tuck your sleeve into your shirt.

This tip is very effective when used in conjunction with the previous one.

One of most flattering ensembles for a shorter person is medium or eve high rise jeans with a tucked in shirt. It simply looks fantastic and is quite comfortable.

Tucking your shirt in also addresses the issue of many off-the-rack shirts being overly long for shorter men. Yes, shirts can be shortened at the tailor, but if you're in a hurry, just tuck it in.

By pinching the excess fabric in the back and folding it over, you may get a beautiful clean tuck.

You may always use shirt stays with button-up shirts to keep your shirt tucked in throughout the day.

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