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My Love From The Star 2013 Asian Drama Review

12 Jan 2022, 20:17 GMT+10

My Love from the Star is a GMA Network drama-comedy romantic fantasy series broadcast in 2017. The show is based on a South Korean television show of the same name in 2013. Jennylyn Mercado and Gil Cuerva feature in this film directed by Joyce E. Bernal. It launched on the network's Telebabad line-up on May 29, 2017, replacing Destined to be Yours. The 55-episode series came to an end on August 11, 2017, after a total of 55 episodes. Mulawin vs. Ravena took its spot in the timeslot.

My Love from the Star (2013) created a massive sensation in Korea and worldwide when it launched two years ago. The popularity of the program was terrific. It received plenty of Korean prizes, including the Daesang Award for the Baeksang Arts Awards, which went to actress Jeon Ji Hyun (similar to American Golden Globe awards). Fangirls scoured the internet for Jeon Ji-lipstick. Hyun's Due to incredible demand, Yves Saint Laurent reputedly sold out of the shade! Even I looked for it on the internet. In an episode, Jeon Ji-Hyun helped sell hundreds of trench coats in Korea by wearing a trench coat.

As with all excellent dramas, something stands in the way of their being together (forever); in this case, it's Do Min Joon's approaching return to his planet. Also intertwined in this engaging romantic story are:

  • an inquiry into a murder;
  • a story of a sacrifice from Joeson's time;
  • sibling/parental connections that be complicated; and
  • a portrayal of the dark side of popularity

Story of My Love From Another Star Review:

The story starts in 1609 with an alien ship landing on Earth, specifically in Joseon (ancient Korea).Do Min Joon is a 400-year-old alien that arrived on Earth during the Joseon Dynasty. He has an almost flawless appearance and enhanced physical abilities in the places of dream, hearing, and speed. He later learns that he only has three months remaining on Earth. And it's then that he meets Cheon Song Yi, Korea's biggest Hallyu star. You can watch this show at KissAsian.

Cheon Song-Yi is a passionate, blunt, and seemingly self-absorbed actress who is dealing with several anti-fans and her career. She moves next door in Min- Joon's apartment complex, and sparks fly due to his super-hearing her drunkenly entering his house and falling asleep on his couch.

Despite his best efforts to separate his life from the gorgeous, crazed actress, they keep stumbling into one another. Things become scary when Song-Yi discovers that someone close to her is a sinister villain with deadly plans for her. The more than 400-year-old alien professor and the spunky actress begin to develop a genuine romance - but Min-Joon is an alien who never planned to stay on Earth for long. His time is coming to a close. Can Song-Yi accept him after she learns the truth about his identity? Is it possible that fate will enable them to be together?

Before this, Kim So-Hyun, who represented Do Min-Joon, the alien hero, had many hits. His 2011 Dream High earned him a lot of attention, and the following year his drama The Sun That Embraces the Moon (a 'teen' romantic historical drama) soared in the ratings. My Love From Another Star elevated him to a new level of fame, making him one of Korea's most famous actors. On television, Kim So-Hyun is quite lovely; he has a very youthful appearance gradually blooming. I adored Do Min-Joon, a mainly silent, closed-off figure who appears to be twenty but has the knowledge and experience of a seventy-year-old. His grumpy complaining and contempt for the modern world were amusing.

Much of Min Joon'scharacter development and conflict focuses on how he's spent his whole life on Earth in a tiny, sterile 'bubble' he made - and the joy and anguish that comes from interacting with someone (particularly Song-Yi). It was heartbreaking to see him realize how lonely he had made his life - mainly because this resulted in his desire to let someone in. The alien part of the story was fantastic; there was plenty of material for amusement and hilarity. He possessed excellent and fascinating skills, like super-hearing, teleportation, and others. Did I mention when he sobs!??! Because you can bet your bottom dollar that when he sobs (it's gut-wrenching tears, people!! ), your tiny heart will be crying as well.

Song-Yi appears to be a pampered star obsessed with herself when we first meet her. You quickly fall under her spell and can't help but adore her. Her loving and sensitive heart is undeniable, even with her hilarious ego. Song-Yi shone like the inevitable sunshine coming in through your car window, from her laugh-out-loud rap efforts while driving her car to her accusations that Min-Joon took her shoes (and his hilarious frustration with such a question; and yes, he did remove the shoes, haha).

This show has as many laughter and hilarious moments as it tears and dark emotions. With his dynamic looks and big scary smile, Lee Jae-Kyung as the villain was a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching him, and Min-Joon and I have sparred numerous times. However, the central drama arose from a conflict that only the characters could resolve — the fact that Min-Joon isn't human and has no intention of staying on Earth for long. The show then explored the emotional themes of acceptance, everyone's desire for community, separation, and, ultimately, making the most of the time you have.

So, what can new fans expect from this drama?

So, what can new fans expect from this drama? Kisses, hugs, threats, and murder attempts from an awesomely over-the-top villain, more kisses, cuteness OVERLOAD, stolen shoe accusation debates, dramatic heart-stopping rescues, a smoldering young professor in black, an 'E.T' moment, and a finale kiss seared into K-drama viewers' memories!! And that's only the start.

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