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SharePoint vs. OneDrive? How to choose the best one?

07 Jan 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

People are always debating over the latest technologies and tools introduced in the market. There are always two sides to the coin, which means you get to see the pros and cons of the system with every new tool.

When it comes to SharePoint vs OneDrive, there is tough competition.

You need to understand the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive to know which is perfect as per your requirements.

All the business leaders want something to ease their stress and increase returns.

We will be exploring both platforms to keep it simple for you!

What is SharePoint & OneDrive?


Organizations must face various challenges to keep their information organized and share it with others. Businesses have an unlimited amount of data that is impossible to store on pages, so SharePoint comes into action. It is a web-based management system that helps share and save data in electronic forms.

In simple words, SharePoint is a platform that stores your data and presents it in a structured format. You get the freedom to log in, share, access, and collaborate with your contacts as needed. SharePoint is compatible with commonly used browsers and effortlessly works on Windows, Mac, and UNIX devices.

Some noteworthy things you can do with SharePoint are:

  • Collaboration: The main aim is to bring people together through various collaboration methods. SharePoint provides content management, social computing, web content management, and discover people. Developers get the freedom to build, extend, and customize their apps and collaborate with SharePoint.
  • Interoperability: It gives you the capability to integrate Office and web-based documents. The developers can build and deploy custom solutions that match your business expectations. This gives you a wider scope.
  • Platform: SharePoint is one platform that gives you the opportunity of interoperability, collaboration, and extensibility with a rich model. You get an efficient method to develop, deploy, and host SharePoint applications.


It is a cloud-based file synchronization and hosting service. It makes space for businesses and individuals to store data and share them effortlessly. Furthermore, it is similar to another folder in your File Explorer, but your data is backed up and synced on all the devices.

It allows users to upload photos, data, and documents to OneDrive, saving space on your device. You can decide if you want to publicly share your File or keep it limited to specific people. Some features included in this tool of Microsoft are:

  • Uploading: When you set up a OneDrive account, you get the choice to move or copy your data files in the account. This is an effortless process and helps you keep the data safe on the cloud.
  • Storage: You get the freedom to get up to 2 TB extra storage for a single user.
  • Synchronization: It gives you great functionalities to sync files between mobile devices and PC to ensure they are updated.
  • Web Interface: OneDrive allows you to access the documents using a web interface without installing the application.
  • Role Management: The admin can add and remove users at their convenience.

How is SharePoint different from OneDrive?

Both are data storing and sharing applications. But OneDrive is more focused on individual usage and gives one user access. The same data is synced on multiple devices but used by a single person. It is solely a data storing and storage application.

While in the case of, SharePoint it ensures team collaboration and gives you more features than just document sharing and storing. Users get access to additional functionalities and features to automate workflows, customize applications, and build an external website.

Comparing SharePoint vs OneDrive, you need to select one of them based on your requirements and expectations from the tool. Let us look at some differences between SharePoint and OneDrive:

  1. Role

SharePoint is Microsoft's original workspace to help you create and share content, applications, and knowledge inside your organization. OneDrive is cloud storage that stores your data securely and synchronizes them on all your devices.

  1. Functionalities

OneDrive gives a personal and professional option but only for storing and sharing data. You also security in a business or personal documents. While SharePoint has more in store, it allows you to collaborate with various tools available online.

  1. The Rights

OneDrive gives you centralized ownership, which means only the owner gets the right to view, share, or edit, but they can assign access to another person for a specific period. In SharePoint, the data is managed on-site level and provides an open network to access and collaborate.

  1. Development

OneDrive is just a solution built on the SharePoint framework. While SharePoint gives you a solution for custom development that matches your business requirements for collaboration and integration. You get the freedom to automate workflows, apps, gather data insights, and improve productivity.

  1. Capabilities

SharePoint helps you to extend beyond the document collaboration and sharing methods. While OneDrive is just a personal space to store and share your private files.

  1. User Experience

While OneDrive keeps your files securely in a single place from where you can access others. SharePoint dashboards help to get a better experience of sharing and managing the workflow in your organization.

What are the benefits of using SharePoint and OneDrive?

Some amazing advantages of using OneDrive are:

  • Cloud storage gives you more space and keeps your files backed up
  • Get access to files anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  • Automatic synchronization helps you to stay updated with your content
  • Collaboration is effortless. You can share the link through message, email, or other mediums.
  • It follows SSL encryption to secure your sensitive data

Some great benefits of using SharePoint:

  • It gives you a search bar to make the look-up of any file effortless.
  • The metadata gives you additional information to track your documents. It is used to keep your files organized and get access easily.
  • The SharePoint Workflow app helps to streamline your business processes. You get a chance to take approvals, collect feedback, or send alerts to the team.
  • Multiple users can work on the same file at the same interval. The changes are updated in real-time.
  • Security settings can be set from individual to entire team based on your requirements.

The End Note!

You might now have a clear picture of SharePoint vs OneDrive, as they are both powerful cloud-storage platforms. It depends on you to perfectly utilize their features and functionalities as per your business requirements.

You can also use their combination to go beyond and better!

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