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Samurai Cats are Set to Take on the NFT World by Storm

04 Jan 2022, 22:51 GMT+10

Japanese neo-pop artist, Hiro Ando, brings his iconic cat designs to the digital world. Together with his collective art studio, Crazy NOOdle, Hiro aspires to reach more art enthusiasts and share his unique take on contemporary Japanese pop art and culture. Samurai Cats recently launched on December 12, 2021, and many influencers in the NFT space already consider it as a strong blue-chip contender.

The beginnings of Samurai Cats

Soon after graduating from Tama University in Tokyo, Hiro started his career as an illustrator. His work revolved around blending Eastern and Western pop culture. What made him popular among his fans was his ability to integrate Japanese archetypes in his artworks, including Hello Kitty, the panda, the sumo wrestler, the samurai, and maneki-neko.

In 2006, Hiro began working on his cat series designs, which turned out to be his defining masterpieces. These sculptures made him famous across the globe, attracting the attention of art enthusiasts and celebrities such as Steve Aoki.

Steve has been a massive fan of Hiro over the years. In many of his social media posts, the Samurai Cat sculpture he owns can be seen frequently in the background. Steve now owns a Samurai Cat NFT, which he shares on a recent tweet to showcase his excitement.

The natural transition into the NFT universe

If you see the works of Hiro Ando, you wouldn't find it difficult to see their natural transition in the amazing world of NFTs. His resin cats are best known for their vivid colors, with some even having diamonds covering the sculptures in their entirety.

Hiro Ando and the Crazy NOOdle Gang launch their first NFT collection, featuring the iconic Samurai Cat. It's worth noting that this is probably only the first collection among many NFTs that Hiro will release in the future.

The Samurai Cat Nation consists of 4,747 NFTs. Hiro has created more than 300 layers to bring the Samurai Cats NFTs to life. These layers are randomly assembled to create each NFT, resulting in surprisingly unique, artistic, and colorful Samurai Cats.

Why invest in Samurai Cats NFTs?

Out of the many NFT projects you can support, why should you choose the Samurai Cat Nation? The answer is simple: you'll be a part of something much bigger in the future. As mentioned earlier, this is only the first NFT collection from Hiro and the Crazy NOOdle Gang. There's a good chance that more of Hiro's physical artworks will make their way into the digital world in the future. What's more, you can even have a say about what direction the Samurai Cats NFTs should take, as your membership enables you to discuss freely with the artists themselves.

Of course, there's also the allure of being an owner of a piece of art from the leader of the new Japanese pop wave. If you can't get your hands on Hiro's resin cats, here's your chance to own a digitized version of the Samurai Cat. And with the pre-public sale offering these NFTs at attractively low prices, turning a profit shouldn't be a challenge once you decide to flip it in the future.

Start checking out the collection of Samurai Cats on OpenSea. The Crazy Noodle Gang invites everyone to join the official Discord channel and follow them on Twitter to keep up with important updates and announcements.

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