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Some Amazing Web Design Facts

31 Dec 2021, 12:24 GMT+10

Undoubtedly it seems to matter. However, personal appearance will not take you far. This is especially true when it comes to web design.

Yes, we all love a website that looks amazingly good but unless you understand some of the important facts of web design your site will not have the results you want.

Today it is commonly believed that a good web design only requires you to drag and drop features, adjust colors to your liking, add content, and then move on. Of course, this is a common practice and, yes, it may result in an attractive website.

That being said, if you want your site to go above and beyond looking good and having a well-functioning site that works better for your business, you need more. And for that, head to web design toronto. What you need is a web designer who knows how to work behind the scenes to handle all the little details that are invisible, but sensitive, that can push your site up.

Here are some of the factors that play a major role in ensuring that your site performs well. In addition, we will consider some additional factors that may be important in trying to identify a specific market, such as China.

Templates Are Not Magic

We will start with something that is strongly linked to the design of your website. Templates are an easy way to create a new site, and if you learn how to get in and out you can build a website in just a few hours.

Sadly, not all glitter is gold. While templates can be helpful, they come with extreme limitations and disadvantages. For example, by making the most of the customizations available it is easy to create dense pages that block your user information.

In addition, the code that works behind the template may not be as clean as it should be and this is an important factor if you want your website to work properly. In particular, if you try to create functions that are not created in a template, you may end up with confusing code and random design.

As a result, your performance in search engines will be limited, UX will not be fun, and it will negatively reflect your product.

Good Code Input Engine

If your website looks good and the functions you have created do well, you may think that everything is fine, but unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

Coding is not something you see with your own eyes, but its effect on the efficiency of your website is very important.

If coded code enables your website, Google and other search engines may have trouble finding information about it, and it may not show up well in search results. As a result, your biological traffic will be overwhelmed by the obvious unwanted consequences of your business.

If your site code is really good, cracked or broken, you may be penalized by search engines until your site does not show up in results.

Deal with Different Browsers

This point is closely related to the preceding one regarding coding. Each browser interprets your website code differently. So, if your website looks good in Chrome, for example, it does not mean that the same effect is repeated in Safari, Firefox, or other web browsers.

In some of them, the structure may appear broken, or some function may not work at all.

This is a problem that only good web designers and developers can solve as they have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and various browser problems. Testing and optimizing your website for multiple browsers is an important part of your project that will prevent you from losing valuable traffic.

Design Still Matters

All the technologies we have mentioned so far does not mean that good design does not matter. The visual impact still has a powerful effect on your visitors.

However, a web designer will not only design what your website will look like but also how it will be designed because a good web design, in fact, is focused on the goal.

Which means the web agency needs to understand what your goals are so that everything on your page is kept with these specific goals in mind.

A professional web designer knows how users interact online and which web page sites work best to push them into action. Therefore, your page will be designed not only with visual elements but also with the psychology of your visitors.

Speed ​​Is a Requirement

Here are some statistics to show what we mean. 47% of users expect a webpage to be loaded in 2 seconds or less and 39% of them will leave your page if that does not happen.

There is no doubt that speed is important to your website. Fast-paced websites are a combination of many things. Again, clean code is essential, pages should not be cluttered with junk, images should be improved, hosting settings are set correctly, and the list goes.

You may be surprised to see how much difference one second can make to your website, both for good or for bad. To improve the speed of your sites, you need a professional web designer who knows what code and settings to fix without crashing the entire website.

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