Tue, 09 Aug 2022

In the time of pandemic and even after that we have become confined to one place and have reduced the mobility of a person. We suffered a lot but with time we have started coping up with the miseries. We have turned towards virtual educational and business methods to work at the global level.

To adopt the online means of education and business it is important to have such tools in the online market with fewer flaws and errors. The presentation is considered to be an important part of online education and business. A tool is required that can record a presentation on PowerPoint to facilitate the users.

SOOMUS would be the best of the options on the internet.

SOOMUS - The Best Video Recorder with Audio

If a person steps out in search of a tool that can record a PowerPoint presentation then hundreds of tools would be available on the internet but SOOMUS would be unique in all of them. It contains the exceptional qualities of recording a PowerPoint presentation along with the audio without any error and defect.

A user can record the live sessions of a presentation or can save the presentation and then use it anytime in the future. Besides all a presentation on a PowerPoint can be recorded with audio or PowerPoint can be imported, and the most important background can be adjusted in a live presentation according to the choice of a user.

SOOMUS has wide application in different fields of education and business which represents its popularity and usage. It provides audio, video, effect, animation, template, and many more features of a video recording tool to the customers and makes a video presentation more presentable.

It has usage in education, corporate happenings, personal meetings, along product marketing. The tool works professionally hence every moment of presentation becomes amazing and engaging.

How to record a presentation on PowerPoint?

We are living in a time of competition and comparison so it becomes very important for us to make ourselves unique and different from others. We all know that presentation is a difficult process but it becomes complex in the absence of a correct tool.

SOOMUS allows its users to present the PowerPoint presentation more engagingly by providing all the necessary tools and guidelines. A user needs to abide by the given steps if he or she wants to learn how to record PowerPoint on SOOMUS with audio.

Step 1:

Head towards the official website of SOOMUS and click the 'Download' option. An account is needed to be created then moves towards the options to create a video or import a video.

Step 2:

Select the template, when you are done with importing the PowerPoint presentation. A person can also add texts, animations, and images according to choice and requirement.

Step 3:

Find the 'Start Now' button at the lower part of the screen, select it, and wait for a few seconds. The video will be automatically saved on the device once it is downloaded completely.

According to experts' recommendations, SOOMUS is considered the most popular tool to record audio along with PowerPoint presentations. All the steps related to this tool are explained very briefly in the step-by-step procedure and manner.

Specifications of SOOMUS

SOOMUS is considered a competitor with the best conferencing tools in the world including Discord, Zoom, Skype, and Lark. A person can not only present a PowerPoint presentation but can record video as well as audio without any disturbance.

This feature would be very helpful for colleagues, friends, and other personal meetings to discuss the matters related to personal and official issues. SOOMUS has many important specifications some of them are described below:

  • Beautiful visuals

If you are having your educational or business presentation then the background must be attractive. Specifically, in the product marketing ads and videos the background serves a lot in the engagement of a viewer.

SOOMUS provides all the important tools and applications which are needed to make the background more beautiful and engaging. It contains different backgrounds with colorful visionary designs. All the privacy policies and background problems are solved by this tool.

  • Liberty in settings

Users always want liberty in the adjustment of screens, images, and contents according to their requirements in the specific field. SOOMUS provides all the freehand facilities to its users so that they can resize the image along with this to highlight the important points in the meeting.

SOOMUS can resize the image of a person by increasing or decreasing according to the PowerPoint presentation. A user is allowed to decide whether he wants to highlight the presentation or himself during the presentation. By using this feature users can enjoy different modes of presentation and can make an amazing product fluently.

  • Recording

The most important feature is to record a PowerPoint Presentation without interruption of audio and video. SOOMUS provides all the tools to record the important points in the presentation as well as complete the presentation in the form of a video and audio.

A video of a presentation can be education or business-related. Users can have innovative ideas, helpful theories, and interesting points present in the presentation in the form of a saved file. These points in the form of a video can be shared with anyone without the limitation of time.

  • Addition of pointers and watermarks

In the official works or marketing procedures, the users must add a watermark to make the video private and free from copyright issues. Adding a watermark is also important for the recorded videos as virtual meetings. A user also needs pointers during live sessions for annotating and highlighting the important points present in the presentation.

SOOMUS allows both the features as it allows its user to add a watermark as well as a pointer to the PowerPoint presentation. Along with all these users can be able to decide whether he or she wants the annotations to remain prominent or they can also disable them after releasing the mouse button.

Ending Remarks

SOOMUS is an amazing tool that works to record the PowerPoint presentation along with audio-video features. It contains features that are helpful for the user but powerful in their impact and engaging quality.

This article will provide all the initial information about SOOMUS, its working, and its features. It would be a helpful guideline for a person who is in search of a tool to record video along with audio while doing PowerPoint presentations.

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