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Does vaping stain teeth?

23 Dec 2021, 04:24 GMT+10


Cigarette consumption has been on a downward spiral but a lot of people still smoke in different ways. People have diverted to e-cigarettes such as vaping and vape mods which are popular.

Most people ask if vaping stains teeth with a part of the population involved in the habit. Vaping does not contain tar which stains the teeth yellow and brown. Cigarettes contain tar and are associated with teeth staining.

Vapes and teeth staining

Vapes do not contain tar but have nicotine, which is heated to vapour and causes teeth discoloration. Vaping offers the ability to customize the content of the vapes and nicotine is an ingredient in some e-cigarettes. The higher your nicotine intake, the higher your susceptibility to teeth staining. The pores in the teeth absorb the nicotine which stains teeth.

Although vaping still discolours teeth, the upside to it is that you can select what you smoke to avoid teeth staining nicotine. The amount of nicotine you use in vapes matters. Nicotine turns to a yellow hue with exposure to oxygen. Some vaping liquids contain flavoured colorings and dyes that cause teeth staining.

Most people switch to vaping to help them quit smoking. Smoking and vaping require a lot of teeth care and oral hygiene. Dentists and medical practitioners recommend dental care and issue constant reminders on the disastrous effects of poor oral hygiene for a smoker. Vaping does not harbour the long-term effects shown in smoking. It is less likely to stain your teeth if you vape without nicotine.

Bacterial effect

The delivery system of vapes involves the heating of vape liquid which may contain nicotine. Heated nicotine provides heat around the mouth which affects the bacterial presence and dries the mouth. The warmer temperature in the mouth is a favourable environment for harmful bacteria.

Tar and nicotine always remain around the mouth for some time especially if you do not clean your mouth properly. The nicotine in vapes may lead to dental decay, inflamed gums, and bone loss. The nicotine levels also cause teeth to darken. Nicotine sticks to the enamel making it rougher hence plague and matter easily stick onto it and build up.

Poor circulation

Poor circulation is an issue rose with vaping and is caused by bacteria. Nicotine leads to bacterial growth hence choosing zero nicotine vapes is recommended. This will help avoid poor circulation and its effects as compared to smoking.

Vaping colorings

Teeth discoloration can also result from the coloring agents contained in the e-liquid mixture. The vapes come in different colors and flavors. The teeth can get stained from these coloring agents and flavors. The spores on the teeth absorb certain substances. Since vaping is also addictive, the habit is likely to discolor teeth, and quitting is a way to fight vaping teeth staining.

Vaping effects on Gums

Gums play an essential role in holding teeth in place and affect your overall health. The nicotine present in vapes and e-cigarettes can harm your gums in various ways. They cause poor blood circulation in the mouth cavity thus depriving it of crucial nutrients and oxygen. They cause gums to recede. Nicotine is also associated with increased chances of gum inflammation or gingivitis resulting in periodontal diseases. Nicotine also masks symptoms of other conditions such as bleeding gums or swollen gums etc.


Halitosis is prolonged bad breath. It has been shown that nicotine increases bad breath. As vaping raises the temperature of the mouth and combined with nicotine causes the mouth to dry up. They affect the production of saliva increasing mouth dryness. Harmful bacteria in the mouth thrive in warmer conditions and increase in population. The increased bacterial populations in the mouth cause bad breath. Halitosis is also a common periodontal disease symptom. The dry mouth is associated with mouth sores, gum inflammation, and tooth decay which increase bad breath. Vaping also causes overall throat and mouth irritation.


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