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Living in a society where diverse cultures and religions are practiced simultaneously is great. You get to learn a lot of new things; you get familiar with other cultures. The practices, beliefs, customs, and norms might look strange earlier, but you get used to them over time. You even started adopting the things, impacted by other cultures or religions that you amalgamate with your own culture. This might sound and looks interesting on one hand, but contrary to it leads to the loss of the true essence of one's own culture.

Taoism in Singapore was practiced by a good number of people in earlier times, but the rapid growth of Buddhism all across the country leads to Taoist followers decline. Buddhism is such a vast and diversified religion within itself that other religions that were followed simultaneously had an enormous impact on their practices, rituals, and even beliefs that they started losing their true essence. Taoism is becoming rarer in Singapore. One other yet major factor of Taoist decline in Singapore is the lack of communication between Taoist preachers commonly known as Daoshi with the younger lot and upcoming generation.

Taoism was never a centralized religion as there were no defined boundaries, and it was always diverse and flexible divided into various sects. Those sects contradict one another yet share a common belief system. New customs evolved regularly, and they intermingled with existing ones. Sincerity, immortality, health, vitality, detachment, purification, transition, and power are thought to be the basic virtue of Taoism. The philosophy of Taoist signifies the true nature of the world. Taoism revolves around the main ideology of balancing opposite forces for the stability of nature.

One core belief of Taoist believers is immortality. With immortality, it might not be thought that the Taoists don't believe in death rather immortality signifies that they had no desire for immortality in their physical bodies, rather they believe that the human body is possessed with spirits and ghosts and the only way out to get liberty from the spirits is Death. And by death, they mean the new life, the underworld, rebirth free of all evil spirits, probably the reincarnation in their way.

Taoist funeral rites

From preparing the body to cremating it into the ashes, Taoist funeral singapore and rites are highly impacted by other religions. Taoists believe that the human body is possessed by some spirits and ghosts and the only way the human soul finds liberty is after leaving the body. Taoism is also known to be the believer having firm faith in eternal life but to eternal life, it does mean no end to the physical life rather it means the rebirth after death free of all evils. It is also believed by the followers that the loved ones who are not there anymore can be communicated through a medium and meditations are opted in this regard.

Before the funeral, a sacred ceremony is held. A holy lamp represents wisdom's light, while two candles signify sunshine and moonlight. Tea represents yin, rice represents yang, and water represents the Yin and Yang combination. Furthermore, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are depicted by red, yellow, green, white, and black fruit. They serve the fruit on plates and burn candles in the center.

Talking about Taoist funeral services, In general, burial ceremonies vary depending on the deceased's age and status. Traditionally, coffins are placed in the house even before the person dies. (Impressed by Chinese culture), Taoists bury their loved ones in a rectangular coffin, with three humps. However modern Taoists prefer western-style coffins.

Usually in Taoist religion, a coffin is stored in the house even before the individual passes away, which indicates to get you prepared for the day already. Unlike Buddhism, the funeral ceremony begins on the same day individual passes away. The Taoist funeral service and the ceremony begins with the preparation of the body. Before the burial, the body is wiped with a wet towel and talcum powder, and the deceased is dressed in the finest clothing. However, it is forbidden to dress the body in red clothing, as some Taoists believe it will cause the spirit to reincarnate as a ghost. Before placing the deceased in their coffin, a yellow cloth is placed over their face and blue cloth is placed over their body. The body is dressed with the finest of the attires. According to Taoist Priests, the body should not be dressed with bright colors rather muted colors should be preferred such as black, blue, brown, and white. The faces of all sculptures or idols in the house must be covered with red paper.

Similar to other religions residing in Singapore, the Taoist funeral begins with chanting prayers of monks and priests. The chants include Taoist sculptures, and mantras. The coffin is surrounded by fragmented candles, fresh flowers, and photos of the deceased. During the funeral ceremony, family members, friends, and other mourners are expected to vent as loud as possible, until the coffin casket is nailed and shut by the eldest son/ elder family member. However, the mourners must turn away when the coffin is getting sealed as it is restricted and forbidden to view dead while the casket is being sealed. It might lead to negative consequences for the dead as well as the people present in the funeral ceremony. After sealing, the coffin is once again placed for viewing of the mourners. A procession develops behind the funeral in order of as the individual is put into the grave. As the body is placed into the ground, mourners must once again look away to avoid any negative consequences. . Funeral mourners usually burn "ghost money," or joss paper, to release the deceased's spirit from the underworld

Traditionally Taoists use to bury their dead, but over time a vast majority of Taoists started to cremate their dead.

After the burial process, the family members are supposed to host a feast/ meal to feed all the guests who attended the funeral. Every member who attended the funeral is supposed to burn the clothes which they wore during funeral rites to avoid any bad consequences. Later the guests are given a red packet filled with money. However, before the funeral family members of the deceased are also given the funeral money by the guests.

Mourning period

The funeral ceremony does not necessarily stick to funeral day only rather mourning period in Taoist religions lasts for 49 days with certain limitations and restrictions for the family members in this regard. Many actions are banned during funeral rites, according to Taoism, and many others may have negative consequences. Some Taoists think that dressing the body in red clothes will cause the spirit to reincarnate as a ghost. Similarly, during 49 days following the funeral, the deceased's children and grandchildren must refrain from cutting their hair. Some people even think that seeing the deceased's coffin reflected in a mirror would cause death in their family; therefore all mirrors are removed from the house while the coffin is inside the house.

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