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How to Choose the Best Monocular on the Market (2021)

05 Nov 2021, 07:02 GMT+10

As the name suggests, monocular only provide one lens, as opposed to a pair of binoculars, which contain two. This makes them substantially lighter and more portable, which means many hikers and walking photographers prefer to carry them. Although they don't see as far as the monocular telescope, they are once again a little lighter. When it comes to portability, monocles are unrivaled!

Many people prefer to buy a monocular instead of binoculars or a telescope for several reasons:

  • Compactness and light weight - most models easily fit into a pocket or a banana bag;
  • Democratic cost - with similar characteristics, a monocular will cost much less than optical devices of any other type;
  • Functionality - some models can be used as a magnifying glass, attached to a smartphone for shooting with high magnification, fixed on a tactical mask or helmet.

Owning a monocular is a great alternative to carrying binoculars. Being only half the size of binoculars, it is significantly more compact, lighter, and more portable. The following guide talks about how to choose the best monocular for your budget and needs.

While it is true that the same can be said for a good compact binocular, the advantage with a monocular is that for about the same size and weight, you almost always get a much larger lens and therefore generally higher image quality and brightness. higher. better, especially in low light conditions.

How to Choose the Right Monocular

To figure out which monocular to choose, it is necessary to consider the basic characteristics of optical devices of this type. As a result, you will be able to determine the device with which set of parameters you should buy.


The magnification indicates the degree of magnification of the observed object and directly affects the choice of the monocular. For example, x5 indicates that when looking into such a device, objects will appear five times closer than they actually are. Some buyers believe that the higher the fold, the better. In reality, as the magnification increases, the field of view narrows, and the jitter effect increases. To determine which monocular is better to choose, a conditional classification will help:

  • x2-4 is suitable for observing sports competitions, theatrical performances, parades, and other events;
  • ?5-8 is a good choice for studying city landscapes, architecture;
  • x9 or more - multiplicity, suitable for observations in open areas.

But these are just recommendations on which monocular is better to buy. The choice largely depends on the specific tasks. For example, if a hunter decides to observe the movement of an animal from a relatively short distance, it is worth buying a device with a low or medium magnification. But, in order not to frighten off the sensitive animal, sometimes it makes sense to settle further away, taking a monocular with high magnification.

The solution can be a device with variable magnification. However, when deciding which monocular to buy, take into account the lower reliability of such devices in comparison with fixed magnification models.

Optical System

Today there are two main types of devices: Roof prism or Porro prism. The first option is the most compact because the eyepiece and objective are on the same axis. The Porro prism requires the placement of the aforementioned elements on different axes, so the device is more cumbersome. Such a system is suitable for working with high magnifications, which are rarely used in monocular. If the compactness of optics is in the first place for you, feel free to take the model with the Roof prism. This is the simplest answer to the question of what good monocular to get for field observations.

Objective Diameter

The larger the diameter of the entrance lens, the more light it transmits. It depends on whether you can monitor distant objects in the evening hours, at dawn, or in cloudy weather. If you are interested in how to choose a powerful monocular, pay attention to the luminosity of the device. At the same time, remember that increasing the lens size makes the device heavier and therefore more uncomfortable.

To determine in what conditions the monocular will be comfortable to use, calculate the size of the exit pupil. To do this, the lens diameter in millimeters must be divided by the multiplicity. A score of 2-3 says that a clear picture can only be obtained in good lighting conditions. If you want to choose the best monocular for observation at dusk, look for models with an exit pupil larger than 5.

Exit Pupil Removal and Dioptric Adjustment

Exit pupil distance refers to the extreme distance between the eyepiece and the eye at which you can see a clear picture across the entire width of the field of view. This factor is especially important for those who wear glasses because their frame does not allow the eyes to be brought closer to the lens. In this case, pay attention to models with an exit pupil distance of 14 mm or more. Also, this parameter must be taken into account by those who are going to choose the right monocular for photography or video shooting.

Dioptric adjustment is another important indicator for eyeglass wearers. Its presence allows you to take off your glasses and use the monocular with great comfort. The option makes it possible to adjust the device taking into account the diopters within ± 5D.

The Presence and Degree of Lens Enlightenment

To improve the final quality and color rendering of the image, manufacturers apply special anti-reflective coatings to the lens surface. Interested in how to choose a monocular with high magnification and high-quality picture? Check out the best fully multi-coated (FMC) instruments in their segment. They form the most vivid and natural image. On the market, there are also more budget options with full (MC) and conventional enlightenment (C).

Which manufacturer's monocular should you choose?

If you are interested in inexpensive, high-quality optics with a lifetime warranty, we recommend taking a closer look at the Starscope monocular. Visit for a detailed review of the product, which is one of the best in the market. Consider all the essential features in a monocular before buying one.

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