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How Should You Choose Right Dosage for CBD Gummies?

05 Nov 2021, 02:33 GMT+10

The popularity of CBD gummies has spread like wildfire and it's talk of the town right now. The reason for this widespread fame is credited to its all-natural healing properties and non-psychoactive nature.

The experience of consuming CBD gummies is completely different from other CBD products. It comes in different colors, flavors, and concentrations which make them convenient to eat. They melt in the mouth and soothe your mind.

CBD gummies are not that expensive but pack a plethora of health benefits for the price. But the question that's on many people's minds is, what is the most optimal dosage for maximum effect?

Let's try to understand the effects of different doses of CBD and hopefully help you reach an optimal daily dose.

What Does Research About CBD Dosage Reveal?

A review of clinical data in 2017 shows that CBD consumption is relatively safe. However, the studies never mentioned that there is a universal dosage of CBD that suits everyone.

Since every person reacts to CBD differently, there isn't any 'one fits all' dosage. The studies explored that a human can consume CBD anywhere between 20 and 1500 mg per day.

The Best Dosage for You

From the clinical study above, we concluded that everyone reacts to CBD differently. Some prefer higher doses while some are comfortable consuming lower doses.

This mainly depends upon your experience with CBD gummies. If you have used CBD products before then you'll be familiar with their effects. It can help you increase or decrease dosage to adjust the intensity of effects to your liking.

However, if you haven't used any CBD products before then starting from lower doses is best. Take 5-10mg of CBD content per gummy daily. After getting comfortable with it, ramp up the dosage per requirement.

Factors to Take into Account for Dosage

There are a few factors that you should take into consideration before planning a dose. such as:

  • Your Weight
  • Body Chemistry
  • Treatment of Any Prior medical condition
  • The CBD content in the gummy,

These variables decide how much CBD your body can easily absorb without any side effects.

Your first action should be consulting your doctor/physician about taking CBD edibles. If you are already going through ongoing treatment, discussion with a doctor can help ease any suspicions of medicinal clash with CBD.

If your doctor recommends CBD gummies, then start with a smaller dose if you are inexperienced with it. This means you'll be consuming 10 to 30mg of CBD content per day.

Once you are comfortable with CBD effects, you may proceed to increase it gradually. For example, at a 30mg per day dose, the effects were light, then you can increase it to 40-50mg.

CBD Gummy Bags Concentrations

CBD gummies come packaged in different concentrations per bag which cater to people with different requirements.

This concentration per bag makes it easier for you to know how much CBD content there is per gummy. This makes CBD gummies one of the easiest products to dose.

The following are some of the popular CBD gummies bags concentrations

100-300mg Bags:

The 100/300mg CBD gummies and above are considered the lightest concentrations in the market. These are usually meant for people who are just getting into the CBD scene and looking to try gummies with the lightest effects. The gummies in these packs usually range from 5-15mg of CBD content.

500mg Bags:

CBD 500mg gummies usually come in packs of 30-60 gummies. It serves as a step up from a lower dosage to a more potent one. However, this pack can also have gummies in a larger quantity and lower potency. This pack works well for people looking to buy more potent CBD gummies or light gummies in larger quantities.

1000-1500mg Bags:

The 1000mg CBD gummies are a great middle point between the lighter concentrations and higher ones. Many people who have already tried the lower concentration usually move to 1000mg afterward. Each pack contains 40-60 gummies with each gummy having 20-30mg CBD content per gummy.

2000+mg Bags:

The concentration of 2000mg and above is considered to be one of the highest in the market. The higher concentrations of CBD per gummy (40mg+) make each one highly potent. It also accelerates the effects quickly and for longer. Effects can last up to 8-12 hours depending on your metabolism.

Final Thoughts

CBD gummies are a fun and healthy way to enjoy the amazing benefits of Cannabidiol. They are a great stress-relieving alternative to recreational drugs that do more harm than good.

With that said, if you are just beginning to use CBD products then we recommend you start with a smaller dose. Then, you can gradually increase the concentration as per requirement. This will help you find which dose works the most optimally for you.

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