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Role of Ad Mediation in Mobile App Monetization

02 Nov 2021, 23:24 GMT+10

Publishers finding ways to monetize their games and apps is becoming common these days. The possibilities for mobile app monetization are endless but in-app advertising has been making waves for a few years now. This has given birth to multiple other features and strategies that leverage the process of monetization. Ad mediation being one among the rest is a similar process that supplements in-app advertising. Ad mediation is all about making the process of in-app advertising seamless without any hindrance in ad display.

According to Statista as mentioned by TechJury, the in-app advertising revenue is expected to settle at $117.1 billion. The growing value of in-app advertising has dramatically increased over the years. It gives publishers a great chance to monetize their mobile games and app.

In-app advertising is the most convenient way to monetize, it opens up great opportunities for your app to generate revenue. Considering this and more, it would be no mistake to call mobile in-app advertising the best way to monetize an app.

Due to this, the world has been introduced to other strategies and processes that leverage this way of mobile app monetization. Mobile ad mediation is the systematic process that makes in-app advertising hassle-free. This article will help you understand everything about Ad Mediation and how it impacts in-app advertising.

What is Ad Mediation?

Ad mediation is the systematic technology strategized to help game and app publishers manage multiple Mobile Ad Networks for monetization all at once. It takes just one SDK to help publishers serve ads and manage them. This means that ad mediation handles all the Mobile Ad Networks on behalf of the app publisher while creating no chaos. Furthermore, ad mediation effectively maximizes fill rate and eCPM - effective cost per mile for publishers.

Before moving on, it is important to understand what eCPM, fill rate is and how they are so important for in-app advertising. Mobile app monetization by in-app advertising entirely depends on the impressions that ads generate on the whole. However, the calculations are made on the scale of per mile. This means that every thousand impressions bring in revenue for the publisher. Therefore, the publisher is paid according to every thousand impressions generated via ad publishing.

eCPM - effective cost per mile is the calculation of ad revenue achieved per thousand impressions. Whereas, the formula is:

Fill rate on the other hand is the number of ad requests efficiently answered by the Ad Network regardless of the type. This is calculated according to the number of ad impressions generated. This means the number of successfully served ads per ad request received. Whereas, the formula is:

Ad mediation is a technology that seems like a token of convenience provided to the publishers to up their in-app advertising. But what is so important about Ad Mediation after all? Here is what you are missing out on...

Why is Ad Mediation Important for Monetization?

Ad Mediation, the technology, works as a bridge between mobile ad networks and app publishers. The technology reduces time and makes the management of Top Mobile Ad Networks a lot easier. By using ad mediation a publisher can boost revenue by displaying ads from the highest paying mobile ad networks at once. Not just this, this present-day technology lets a publisher control and optimize monetization for in-app advertising providing relative real-time insights. Besides, with Ad Mediation higher fill rate and eCPM drives in guaranteed greater revenue for game and app publishers.

Ad mediation makes sense, but how to use it? This is when you need an ad mediation platform!

What Is An Ad Mediation Platform?

An ad mediation platform opens up an app to multiple Mobile Ad Networks providing it with the opportunity to earn better and earn more. But does being exposed to multiple ad networks cause any chaos? Absolutely not! This is where a mobile ad mediation platform actively performs and makes the process flawless.

How does an Ad Mediation Platform Work?

As soon as a mobile app sends signals to the ad mediation platform integrated via SDK, the ad fetch cycle becomes active.

The ad mediation platform on behalf of the game or app publisher sends an ad request to the ad network. The ad request contains important information such as ad format and placement. This ad request is matched with the advertiser's campaign criteria. Once a perfect match is found, ads are served via auto-mediation.

The auto-mediation feature in an ad mediation platform is similar to auto-pilot mode. This cycle is managed by the ad mediation platform automatically in less than a second. With this convenience, a publisher can sit back and relax with no need to access the backend and struggle with Ad Networks.

What is a waterfall model and how does it work?

Ad mediation platforms create a waterfall model to prioritize ad networks based on their potential ad revenue. The mobile ad mediation platform sets up the waterfall while keeping the highest paying ad network on top. As soon as an ad request is sent by auto-mediation, it is ideally delivered to the top priority ad network. If the first ad network fails to display the ad, the request is delivered to the second top ad network from the waterfall. This continues until the ad request is answered and an ad is displayed. Every ad request contains information such as the device model, ad format and placement criteria. This is matched with the advertisers' criteria to serve ads.

An ideal ad mediation platform, in any case, ensures greater fill-rate and eCPM to generate revenue with in-app advertising.

Ad mediation platforms have surely made life a lot easier for publishers who ought to choose in-app advertising for app monetization. However, not every ad mediation platform will fit your needs as a publisher. Here is a list of trending ad mediation platforms so that you choose the best one out of many!

Trending Ad Mediation Platforms 2021

Ad mediation platforms are making big in the market. Nonetheless, the reason is great user experience, features, lightweight SDKs and convenience. The trending ad mediation platforms for 2021 include:

Google AdMob

Google AdMob provides game and app publishers with opportunities to monetize after connecting them with 100+ Ad Networks globally. AdMob enables publishers to achieve the highest CPM with real-time bidding aiding high fill rates and greater eCPM. The dynamic dashboard available with AdMob allows publishers to customize reports, optimize strategy and block unwanted ads at ease. Besides this, AdMob offers the latest ad formats for monetization alongside the choice to run House Ad Campaigns (cross-promotion).


Ironsource is among the most commonly used ad mediation platforms in India. For effective mediation, Ironsource offers an in-app real-time bidding engine that enables publishers to monetize with greater fill rates and eCPM. This is done by connecting publishers to the best performing Ad Networks and managing them unbiasedly. On the same end, Ironsource offers A/B testing with a comprehensive analytics dashboard for in-depth reporting and optimization.


MoPub, an ad mediation platform run by Twitter. MoPub offers real-time bidding while connecting your app with over 130 demand sources successfully integrated. Known for its transparency and flexibility, MoPub for mediation provides in-depth analytics to optimize monetization campaigns. MoPub exclusively enjoys the systematic usage of analytics by being part of Twitter's powerhouse. This makes MoPub a great ad mediation platform that allows better optimization than others.


ConsoliAds is a mobile ad mediation platform that offers guaranteed 20% incremental revenue with the highest eCPM and over a 90% fill rate. ConsoliAds offers an easy to integrate lightweight SDK and auto mediation feature. These unbiasedly bid for the highest paying Ad Network allowing publishers to achieve greater in-app revenue. Furthermore, the advanced analytics and an out-an-out dashboard let the game and app publishers view results with respect to apps, Ad Networks, impressions, regions etc. This enables greater and effective optimization with deeper insights on revenue generated.

Max by Applovin

Max is a product of Applovin that allows effective mediation by offering multiple features and transparency. Max facilitates games and apps publishers by providing them with easy integration of a lightweight SDK. The platform with its global in-app bidder brings in better revenue by ensuring consistent fill rates and higher eCPM. Max by Applovin provides powerful insights that enable convenient A/B testing for a publisher. Moreover, this ad mediation platform is known and appreciated for ensuring revenue transparency.

Ad mediation platforms have effectively made an app publisher's life easy for monetization. Now choose the best ad mediation platform that fits your needs, and begin mobile app monetization now!

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